Why Did No One Tell Me Jacob Elordi Has a Mullet Now?

Danielle Jackson
·1 min read

On today's list of things I'm going to pretend to be upset about, I'd like to direct your attention to Jacob Elordi's new mullet haircut and the fact that literally no one told me about it. In a recent virtual interview shared via YouTube, the Euphoria actor is seen chatting with Access Hollywood about his Netflix film The Kissing Booth 2 while sporting an all-new haircut that's short at the front and sides and long in the back.

I'm not exactly sure when Elordi got the cut, but since he's seen wearing it in a paparazzi photo taken back in February, it's safe to say it definitely wasn't a sheltering-in-place cut.

The mullet has made a huge comeback in recent months, with a handful of celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, and Halsey all trying their hand at the style earlier this year. The aforementioned stars' versions of the divisive haircut appeared to be more modern-looking with more of a shag effect, while Elordi's cut looks a lot more similar to the classic.

Check out the actor's new haircut in the video above.

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