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Why are cat owners on TikTok talking about making biscuits?

Capitalism is coming for your cats. The biscuit factory is down bad, and productivity is low!

In typical TikTok madness, cat owners have started a hilarious trend where they pretend their cats work at a biscuit factory. The joke refers to cats’ tendency to knead soft objects.

The American Animal Hospital Association states cats knead to convey comfort and contentment, to establish resting places and to mark territory.

What is the “overworked cats making biscuits” trend on TikTok?

Humans have colloquially dubbed cats’ kneading movements “making biscuits” for some time now. But the trend started recently when TikTok user @kunzaiiii posted a sped-up video of their cat kneading.

“Stop ordering biscuits at 1AM he is at his limit,” the video text read.

The viral video sparked the trend among cat owners who are now basically creating a biscuit factory cinematic universe on TikTok.

“Shes working overtime so she can be with her kids on christmas,” @penelope_.may captioned a video of her black cat kneading a blanket.

TikToker @leothecutestlion claimed their cat had been making biscuits since 5 a.m. and hadn’t seen his family in days.

“She’s been working overtime for a month and hasn’t taken any breaks! Her toebeans can’t take anymore!” @freyathesiberian joked in the video text.

“Who placed an order for 10,000 biscuits? Daisy can’t do this alone,” @notcoratilley captioned a video.

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