Why 'Blue Bloods' Is Not On TV Tonight

Don't worry—the show will definitely be back.

Fans of the CBS police drama Blue Bloods might be in for a rather rude surprise this evening if they try to tune in at the show's usual time—because Blue Bloods won't be back on the network for a few weeks.

Why isn't Blue Bloods on TV tonight?

The reason Blue Bloods isn't airing tonight is pretty simple: it's March Madness, and CBS will be devoting its coverage and airtime to the annual NCAA basketball tournament instead.

Why isn't Blue Bloods coming back next week?

Unfortunately for fans, the show won't be back on March 24, 2023, either. March Madness will be going strong, and CBS is planning to cover as much of the tournament as the network can.

When is Blue Bloods coming back on?

Happily, Blue Bloods will return on March 31, 2023. If that's too long for the most diehard fans, you can get your fix by streaming past episodes of the series on Hulu.

What is happening on Blue Bloods right now?

When we last saw the show on March 10, Danny and Waylon Gates were working together to bring a drug cartel boss to justice. The pair were joined by Baez, and the mission is clear: the boss, named Rodriguez, is coming with them. Of course, one thing led to another, and almost as soon as the trio put Rodriguez into the car they realized they were being followed by members of his cartel.

At the same time, Erin is handling the case of Sheila Alexander, who has brought rape charges against NBA basketball player Scott Taylor. But once she was on the stand, Sheila said she was no longer sure who raped her and took her story back completely. Eventually, Sheila admitted to Erin that Lisa Reynolds, the agent for Scott, told her that she would lose everything that matters to her if she pursued the case.

By the end of the episode, Rodriguez was in handcuffs at Danny's mercy and Erin found stories from three more women who all say Scott had raped them. She announced her plan to file additional charges against the hooper, as well as charges of witness tampering against Lisa.