Why 'Blue Bloods' Fans Can't Stop Commenting on Donnie Wahlberg's Latest Instagram

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Viewers can always count on Blue Bloods for their Friday night entertainment, and this week one star is giving a sneak peek at the action ahead of the new episode. Donnie Wahlberg, who stars as Danny Reagan on the CBS police procedural, shared a video of a funny interaction with his stunt double, and fans can't stop laughing.

In the video, Donnie, dressed in his classic Danny Reagan attire, walks past his stunt double, who is standing alongside the stunt double for Marisa Ramirez's character, Maria Baez. The stunt double shakes his head while Donnie gives him a serious side-eye. Donnie captioned the post, "Happy #Monday! Fun weekend got me seeing (stunt) double, on the set of #BlueBloods, this morning! 😂🤪🤯 Have a great day! 🤖❤️♾💫✨"

One fan wrote, "That’s Ronnie Thahlberg! 😂," and others chimed in with "LMAO !!!!! your whole face LOL," "often imitated, never duplicated…," and "Your face at the end tho 🤣🤣🤣"

Donnie has posted on Twitter that he does his own stunts on the show, but of course that has its limits. The 53-year-old actor admitted that he does have a stunt double for the more dangerous scenes. According to Outsider, things changed when he turned 50: "I did all my own stunts for 10 years. And somewhere around the time I turned 50, I just… the wheels just didn’t work the same, and uh I kinda told them, ‘ya know we gotta tone it down on the stunts."

He shared a video on Facebook saying, "I do my own stunts on Blue Bloods...But I admit, since Tom Cruise broke his foot, I gotta be a little more careful. Just a little more careful. So, I pick my spots." The video shows the stunt double getting hit by a car, then Donnie taking his spot in the road.

We can't wait to see Donnie back in action. Blue Bloods airs on Friday nights at 10 EST/9 CST on CBS. Catch up on all 13 seasons on Paramount+.

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