Why is the ‘Assemble’ TikTok sound trending?

Back in 2020, Fresh X Reckless was a viral sensation. The New Orleans rap group rose to fame with unique and unpredictable social media videos. Whether it be their comic lyrics or surprising dance moves, Fresh X Reckless always had something up their sleeve. After the group’s stardom faded over the last three years, their audio is trending again on TikTok.

That’s thanks to the group’s 2020 video captioned “TARGET CONCERT !” All four members of the group were in a Target and began posing at the beginning and came together at the end to do an impromptu performance.

The highlight of the video was when member Deelo said, “Assemble,” and all four members began to interlock into a four-piece square.

TikTokers used the “Assemble” audio and created their own memes.

“Mindless behavior looks different here,” said @datgirlniah16.

This audio and trend have been a slow burn. The original dropped in 2020, yet the sound took off in 2023.

“The zesty rangers,” commented @kiibanga.

Users are coming back to the famous line and doing their best version of Fresh X Reckless’ 2022 song “Captain Save Uh H*.”

“GIRL WHERE U GOING HMM AHHHHH,” replied @rryleaa.

Fresh X Reckless’ videos are fun because there isn’t a clear sense of what’s going on. For example, back in 2020, there were four members in the group. Now there are just two. When asked what happened to the other members, Deelo simply said, “They got absorbed.”

That mysteriousness is a staple in Fresh X Reckless’ style and videos.

The group has gone through several iterations, but with their sounds still trending, a fall-off is nowhere in sight.

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