Why You Should Always Shop At Target On Tuesdays And Wednesdays

target sign
target sign

Target is one of the best big-box retailers to shop at for many reasons, like great prices and its wide variety of items for sale, but the store’s popularity can come with some downsides as well. Many customers know that Target can get really crowded, especially around the holidays. Industry experts have shared with us the best and worst days of the week to shop at Target, so keep reading for more information!

The best days to shop at Target

While the best and worst days to shop at any store can vary by location, many retailers have shopping patterns that repeat themselves each week. Liam Lucas, an industry expert, shared that the best days to shop at Target are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. “Many retail stores, including Target, restock their shelves during these days, giving customers access to fresh inventory and a wider selection of items,” he explains.

Another expert, Scott Lieberman, founder of Touchdown Money, agrees. “The best days of the week to shop at Target are weekdays in the morning,” he says. “You’ll typically find fewer people at the store, meaning you’ll be able to really explore the aisles, see the discounts—and have them be in stock.”

The worst days to shop at Target

On the flip-side, the worst day to shop at Target is Saturday. "Weekends, especially Saturdays, can be the worst days to shop at Target," Lucas continued. "This is when stores are most crowded, leading to longer check out lines and potentially depleted stock from high customer volume."


While Sunday isn't a prime day to shop for the same reasons, Target does release its weekly ad and storewide discounts on Sundays, so if you want to be the first to take advantage of these deals, you may have to brave the crowds.


Unfortunately, around the holidays is another tough time to shop. Industry expert Ivan Marusic weighs in: "Target is typically more crowded on holidays and the days leading up to holidays, so this is a time to avoid shopping if possible," he explains. Let this be your sign to do your holiday shopping early!

Money-saving tips at Target

Lucas and Lieberman also provided a few tips on how to save money at Target:


Use Target's reward program. "Make sure to sign up for Target’s Circle rewards program," Lieberman explained. "You’ll save 1% on items, get deals tailored to your shopping habits, discounts on your birthday, and more." To access Target's reward program, just download the Target Circle app!


Get the Target RedCard. "Utilizing Target’s RedCard can help shoppers save 5% on all purchases,” said Lucas. Apply for the RedCard at your local target or online.


Signs up to receive the weekly ad. "Keeping an eye out for Target’s weekly ad can give you a heads up on upcoming discounts and deals,” Lucas said.