Why You Should Always Take A Photo Of Your Stove Before Vacation

You'll thank your carefree self later.

<p>Alison Gootee; Styling: Suzonne Stirling</p>

Alison Gootee; Styling: Suzonne Stirling

Getting ready to head out the door for a weekend getaway or much-needed vacation is a flurry of action, from trying not to forget anything while packing to making sure you’re leaving everything in good order. Well, good enough order. While quickly cleaning up the house before departing is a priority for some, that is the least of potential worries. Most people actually tend to be more concerned about what they didn’t do before leaving the house, which is why the best thing you can do before vacation is take photos of household items for peace of mind.

More specifically, you should always take a photo of your stove before heading out. Why? Because it eliminates any potential stress later on, helping appease yourself that you did, in fact, not leave the oven or stovetop on. In turn, you’re able to feel confident and secure while enjoying your time away from home.

Why Taking a Photo of Your Oven Is Helpful

To no surprise, it can be very dangerous to accidentally leave the oven or stovetop on while you are away for even a few hours, let alone days. It is a common cause of house fires, and for certain stoves, the risk of a natural gas leak is another concern.

Moreover, taking a photo of your definitely-turned-off stove helps you be confident that you actually turned off your stove before leaving for vacation, or you can risk being distracted from enjoying your trip by worrying about it. Nothing stifles a good time like being stressed about what is going on at home without any way to intervene. Therefore, a photo will be able to reassure yourself that all is well.

Even if you are diligent about checking, and double-checking, the stove before leaving, it is very common for people to second-guess themselves afterwards to a point of distress. A photo helps eliminate the mind’s ability to trick itself into thinking we might not remember our actions accurately, which can a huge stress factor for some.

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What Else Should You Take Photos Of?

Electrical Outlets (and Hair Tools)

If you’re someone who regularly second-guesses if you turned off your curling iron or unplugged your hair dryer, make sure to also take photos of outlets in bathrooms (or anywhere throughout the house) to be able to comfort yourself later if you’re feeling anxious. The same goes for any appliances that don't require being left plugged in while you're gone.


Always wondering if you actually set the thermostat to an optimal temperature for your absence? Take a quick photo before leaving the house. You might want to make sure the heat is ready to turn on if temperatures drop, or you might not want the air-conditioning running on blast (and wasting precious dollars) if you’re not there to enjoy it.


Thanks to the easy devices that allow us to open and close garage doors these days, it can be tempting to worry about if you accidentally left the garage open before leaving the house, whether it was the way that you exited or you had it open for other reasons that day. Take a photo of the closed garage door to give yourself peace of mind later.

Back Door

If you have multiple entry points to your home, take photos of any door leading to the outside before officially leaving the premises. You can easily check later that the doors are locked from the inside or outside.

While taking photos of important security and safety items before heading on vacation is helpful, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Always prioritize a routine, turning everything off and shutting the house down for your absence. It can be tempting to rely too heavily upon the photos and go into your cellphone’s photo albums many times during your trip, but don’t let it take over your mindset while spending time with friends and family. Odds are, you can trust your instincts!

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