Whose NBA career is better? Dwyane Wade vs. Dirk Nowitzki

Victors are determined decisively on the court, but one great joy of fandom outside the lines has no clear winner. We love to weigh the merits of our favorite players against each other, and yet a taproom full of basketball fans can never unanimously agree on the GOAT. In this series, we attempt to settle scores of NBA undercard debates — or at least give you fodder for your next “Who is better?” argument.

Video Transcript


- --shooting 67% in this first quarter. Wade slips the D. Oh, my!

- --coaches say things that--

- Oh, it sounds good, yes.

- --try to pump up their team a little bit. Look at the moves. The dancing by Wade!

- --in overtime. Nowitzki from way downtown-- yes!

- Oh, come on.

- 53 points for Dirk.

- Just three seconds left. Rubio-- picked his pocket, Dwyane Wade.

- Good if it goes.

- It will!

- Oh!

- It did go!

- Kidd back out. Nowitzki puts up a 3-- puts it in! Ties the game with two seconds remaining! Dirk Nowitzki nails the big shot!

- --good defender, windmills it down.

- Wow.

- Oh my goodness. That's not right.

- That was nasty. That is an elite player right there.

- Oh my gosh.

- Thank you, Marv.

- All right. Thank you, David.

- You have to love this. He throws it up. Dirk says, I think I'm gonna go get it, but I'll get it. It's the All-Star Game. And you have to love his reaction.

- --home! Dwyane Wade coming alive!

- Man oh man. I saw him make an effort to go after that if he missed it, but I didn't think he could do that with it.

- Three on top. Bryant got Nowitzki in the head. Dirk hit it anyway, and he'll go to the line!

- When it matters most, the best players step up. You want to put a--

- --without any resistance.

- Oh, what a block from Wade! What a turnaround play. Wade with a remarkable rejection.

--defense for Dallas. Nowitzki against Wade, off balance-- it's good! What a shot from Nowitzki, and it's a 2-point game.

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