Whose NBA career is better? Dwight Howard vs. Rajon Rondo

Victors are determined decisively on the court, but one great joy of fandom outside the lines has no clear winner. We love to weigh the merits of our favorite players against each other, and yet a taproom full of basketball fans can never unanimously agree on the GOAT. In this series, we attempt to settle scores of NBA undercard debates — or at least give you fodder for your next “Who is better?” argument.

Video Transcript


- Crossover by Rondo and the bucket.

- Jamal Crawford checks in for New York. Back door.


- Oh my goodness.

- Lob it up high. Howard, oh, man! You've got to be kidding me! You've got to be kidding me!


- Rondo against Smith got it off and in. Now did that go over the backboard from behind?

- There's a lot of times when you were scoring. You know angles.

- --even the series. Tony Allen bumps James. Stolen by Davis.

- Ahead to Rondo. Rondo, one man to beat. Swoops back to Allen! Pretty pass.

- Allen.

- Nelson escaping Holiday. The lob for Howard! And oh man.


That was one angry slam.

- Screen from [INAUDIBLE].

- That's blocked away by Seraphin. Oh my goodness!

- Wow.

- How did that go in?

- Denied by Howard.


- This is what you love to see. He can check you one on one, come over and block, or he is the best help side the defender. However you want it in that paint, you got to go through that man first.

- Howard spins. Oh.

- No luck. Rondo. Behind the back for 2.


- Put it in the book, baby!


Put it on the reel!


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