Whose NBA career is better? Chris Paul vs. Isiah Thomas

Victors are determined decisively on the court, but one great joy of fandom outside the lines has no clear winner. We love to weigh the merits of our favorite players against each other, and yet a taproom full of basketball fans can never unanimously agree on the GOAT. In this series, we attempt to settle scores of NBA undercard debates — or at least give you fodder for your next “Who is better?” argument.

Video Transcript


- --lane violation.

- Paul got double teamed momentarily. Series of moves. Use that crossover. Got inside, and he's got 30 on the night.

- --Isiah. Let's see what we got.

- All the way in, got it!

- --has a chance to come within 1 point.

- Isiah-- it's within 1. 36--


- Vinnie. Right of the lane, Salley. Baseline right now. He'll turn around, gun from 10. Oh, Isiah in the sky!

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