Who's in the Mare Of Easttown photo? Fans have a theory

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Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

Kate Winslet's Mare Of Easttown is the brilliant crime drama we can't stopped talking about. Yesterday's [24 May] penultimate episode saw fans treated to a major cliffhanger: who is in the photo given to Chief Carter?


As the hunt for Erin McMenamin's killer continues, Mare Sheehan (played by Kate Winslet) begins to unravel an inappropriate connection between the teenager and her uncle, Billy Ross.

First, she notices the date engraved into Erin's necklace is the same weekend as the Ross family reunion, when Erin and her dad stay in Billy's cabin. Then we see Billy seemingly confess to his involvement, after his father finds him covered in blood on the night of her murder.

But questions are left unanswered when Erin's best friend Jess gives the Easttown police department a photo from Erin's journals, and Chief Carter is visibly shocked. But who is in the photo? Fans on Reddit have attempted to reveal who might be in the picture, by upping the contrast on a screengrab:

Fans have been theorising about what it could be. "I see a woman's face in the upper left corner, but in the other picture on this sub, I see two faces on the right side," one wrote.

Another added, "It kinda looks like a man kissing Erin’s pregnant belly or maybe sleeping on her lap and she took a selfie..." Someone else said, "Damn now I’m going back trying to remember if there’s a scene of anyone taking pictures with a film camera."

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

Others are wondering whether it has something to do with Mare's son ("Is it maybe Kevin? Mare’s son? I’ve read some convincing theories!!") or even Lori Ross's son Ryan - "I think it was something to do with Ryan. He may have only witnessed what went on, but he’s definitely a key person leading up to the conclusion of the story."

We're desperate for the finale.

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