The Father of Imogen's Baby Was Revealed on "Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin" and It's So Twisted

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*Major spoilers for Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin ahead!*

Trigger warning: This story contains mentions of sexual assault, rape, and suicide.

Helmed by the creators behind The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin sets itself apart from the original Pretty Little Liars series, leaning into slasher-thriller vibes. And while our new Liars are mainly focused on discovering the identity of the masked menace "A", several other questions have piqued our interest. Namely, the mystery surrounding Imogen's (Bailee Madison) pregnancy.

During a recent interview with TV Insider, executive producer Lindsay Calhoon Bring addressed the burning question of who fathered Imogen's child. "You will know who the father is. It's important, not only to Imogen but also to the female friendships in the show. It leads towards a very strong bonding between the young women — a strong support system," she said.

So, who is the father of Imogen's yet-to-be-born baby? In the first season that aired on HBO Max, there were a couple of clues along the way on who this mysterious person could be. In the last three episodes of the show, we finally discovered the identity of Imogen's baby's father. Here are our debunked theories and the truth.

Photo credit: HBO Max
Photo credit: HBO Max

What We Know About the Father of Imogen's Unborn Baby

Following the one-month time jump after her mother's death by apparent suicide, Imogen returns to Millwood High six months pregnant. On her first day back at school, her classmates push her to reveal more details about her baby's father. She tells her peers that the father was a lifeguard she met over the summer, and no longer involved in her or the baby's life. Since it is the end of September and Imogen is six months along, the conception date would be sometime in April, meaning Imogen lied about getting pregnant over the summer.

The scene at the school then cuts to a flashback of Imogen, sitting in the sand at a beach with a bottle of alcohol beside her. She's seen staring straight ahead into the water as if she were deep in thought. In the quick flashback, we spotted that Imogen is wearing the same blue dress and cardigan she wore to her ex-bestie Karen Beasley's house party in March. You know, the party where Imogen and Karen get into a huge fight over Karen's boyfriend, Greg, having kissed Imogen.

Dealing with the trauma of her mother's sudden passing, the responsibility of raising a child alone hits Imogen. In shock, she goes to the school nurse asking for an abortion. The nurse then suggests Imogen considers putting her baby up for adoption.

It isn't till episode six that we get any more clues about who fathered Imogen's baby. During a heartfelt conversation with Tabby, Imogen reveals that she had been raped after leaving Karen's party for the second time. She remembers grabbing a bottle of vodka and going to drink alone on the beach, but does not remember the attack itself. The next day, she wakes up in pain, with her underwear missing and blood on her dress. At the end of her and Tabby's conversation, Imogen confesses that the father of her baby is the man that raped her.

Is Greg Imogen's Baby's Father?

Karen kicked Imogen out of her party as she does not believe that Greg was the one to make a move on Imogen. Greg is then seen walking after an angry Karen. But seeing that Imogen called out Greg for lying about their kiss in the school cafeteria during episode one, it seems unlikely that she wouldn't have revealed that something more than a kiss happened.

Is Tyler the Father of Imogen's Baby?

Tabby does angrily confront Tyler at Imogen's Halloween party after he makes non-consensual advances on her and Faran, making us wonder if she knows something we don't about him. And while Tyler does seem to be a creep, as he videotaped Karen in a vulnerable state when drunk, it doesn't seem likely that he left Karen's party to go after Imogen. It also would not make sense for Imogen to still have Tyler's phone if the two were together. He would have taken it back after the attack.

Could the Father of Imogen's Baby be Someone We Haven't Met?

Another theory is that we have yet to meet the father of Imogen's baby. During episode five, Tabby confides in Imogen that something happened to her during the summer. Then in episode six, Imogen responds with "Something happened to me too," confirming that they both had been raped during the spring and summer, respectively.

We received earlier clues that Tabby and Imogen were assaulted, with Tabby having flashbacks of leaving a bonfire party hosted by the jocks. Could her having been sexually assaulted by one of the party-goers be the reason she's filming in the school's boys' locker room? She is seen scouring the footage at home, taking notes as if trying to track down someone with a specific physical attribute. She may also be hoping to catch one of the boys openly talking about her assault. Since Tabby was sexually assaulted, her unorthodox sleuthing method of videotaping naked boys without consent would be given context.

We saw clues that Imogen was assaulted earlier as well. Think back to her moment on the beach — she looked disheveled and was wearing clothing from the night before. The fact that the father of her baby is the man who raped her — and she doesn't know who he is — completely explains why the father isn't a part of the picture and why Imogen is hesitant to reveal any details to her peers.

The girls theorize in episode six that they were attacked by the same man, but there have been no clues to back up their idea so far. Hopefully in the episodes left of PLL: Original Sin, the Liars will hatch a plan to discover who assaulted Tabby and Imogen so he or they can be brought to justice.

The Truth: This Is Who Fathered Imogen's Baby

The girls embark on a process to DNA match the father of Imogen's baby, collecting samples of blood from the school's blood drive. They soon discover that there is a match in

During episode nine, Tabby begins to realize something's not right with Chip. He's shown flashes of wild and angry jealousy, getting territorial when she reveals that she and Wes kissed. She also recalls that Chip left Karen's party drunk and upset after she rejected his advances. After asking Wes where Chip was the night of Tabby's party in the woods (where she got raped), the manager reveals to her that Chip ditched work that night. Trying to confirm their suspicions, Tabby and Imogen search Chip's bedroom to try and find evidence that he raped them. While they don't uncover any direct evidence of the assault, they do find a hidden of what Tabby calls "rape-y" horror flicks.

The girls decide to confront Chip, so they head to the Orpheum and trick him into telling them what happened the night of their assaults. He says that when Tabby rejected him at Karen's party, he left the house and went to the beach to cool down. Discovering Imogen there passed out, he raped her because "[Tabby] didn't want to be with me." When he found out Tabby was going to a party with football players, he stalked her to the party and found her walking home drunk. He then proceeded to rape her too.

After his confession, Imogen and Tabby report Chip to the police and he's arrested. His parents make bail and he's released around Christmas. The girls both plan to press charges, but he may not face legal justice. At the end of the season one finale, "A" (aka Aaron Waters) escapes from the hospital where he's being treated for his stab wounds. After killing Sheriff Beasley, "A" heads to Chip's house to kill him.

Did Chip survive the attack? Will he face justice? We'll have to first wait and see if HBO Max renews PLL: Original Sin first.

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