Wholesome Cars meme making TikTokers ‘tear up’

A scene from Disney’s Cars is becoming a viral meme and bringing tears to viewers’ eyes in the process.

The meme starts with the person posting the video explaining a challenge they’re facing (trouble at work, not seeing success in the gym, etc.) and then cuts to a scene from Cars where a child character screams “Lightning McQueen” in support of his favorite racer.

Also, the background music for the template is “Until I Found You” by Stephen Sanchez and Em Beihol.

This template is supposed to show the blind support people are receiving from others in their life — even if they don’t fully understand the issue facing the person who posted the video.

“This is me to my bestie getting her ph.d in the middle of no where,” said @adoseofjen.

“My grandma calls me everyday from Jamaica to tell me how proud she is of me then pray for me and it gets me through the long days at work,” replied @naedayungan_.

“Why did this make me tear up a little,” said @amybooker28.

This trend has also become popular within the sober community, with people showing off how they care about others’ sobriety.

The comments under this post, as well as several others in this trend, were extremely supportive.

“I CARE YOU GOT CLEAN!!!!” said @reinamariposa1822. Her comment alone received over 11,000 likes.

Several communities have taken part in this trend, from single mothers to small business owners to the LGBTQ community — all receiving great amounts of support.

TikTokers have embraced the spirit of Lightning McQueen’s biggest fan and are cheering on their favorite people and creators.

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