Whitney Cummings’s new podcast has a Trump connection

Silvio Berlusconi was elected to national office with no political experience. “He owes his fortune and fame to television,” Cummings says in the trailer for the new Wondery podcast “Bunga Bunga.” “He’s had his share of controversies … and he’s sensitive about his hair.” There seem to be quite a few similarities between Berlusconi and president Donald Trump. “They understand just how much of their lavish lifestyle to show off to get people to trust them, but also openly showing flaws and bad behavior to where people feel like they're relatable,” she tells Yahoo Entertainment. “Bunga Bunga” refers to wild sex parties that former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi would hold. “Let’s just say, if you participate, you will get COVID,” Cummings jokingly says. Check out the video above for more with Whitney Cummings.