‘White Men Can’t Jump’ Remake To See On-Screen Dedication To Late Actor Lance Reddick

The White Men Can’t Jump remake, which stars Jack Harlow and Sinqua Walls, will reportedly show an on-screen dedication to late actor Lance Reddick, according to TMZ. Reddick, who suddenly died in March from heart disease, had a leading role in the forthcoming film. The 60-year-old was best known for his roles in HBO’s The Wire and the John Wick movie franchise as “Benji.”

The reimagined flick, directed by Charles “Calmatic” Kidd II, also stars Teyana Taylor, Laura Harrier, Vince Staples and Myles Bullock. Calmatic recently spoke with LA Times about the film and what it was like working with Reddick.

Lance Reddick
Lance Reddick

As director, it was weird because I’m so used to giving actors notes. But for [Lance], I was like, ‘Man, I don’t have any notes. That was damn near perfect,'” he said. “So I think what I learned from him was the importance of prep. I feel like when he came onto the set, he was just so prepared and knew exactly what to do and knew all the nuances of his character that he just knocked [it] out the park the first time.”

“I don’t think we realize how good we had it for him to be a part of this film.”

Harlow, who will take on the role of Jeremy, also added that Reddick “was an absolute pleasure to be around” on set.

White Men Can’t Jump premieres on Hulu on Friday (May 19). Take a look at the trailer for the film below.

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