White Man Runs with TV to Prove Racism Killed Ahmaud Arbery

This white man ran around shirtless holding a TV without getting stopped to prove that racism killed Ahmaud Arbery. In US news and current events today, people across the country were outraged when video of Ahmaud Arbery's shooting death surfaced. Ahmaud Arbery, a young Black man, was shot and killed by a father and son while he was jogging in Georgia. Months later and only after public outcry, the men responsible for Ahmaud Arbery's killing were arrested. Richard Demsick from Vero Beach, Florida, posted this video to TikTok on May 8, which would have been Ahmaud Arbery’s 26th birthday. Demsick ran 2.23 miles through his Florida neighborhood as part of the #IRunWithMaud movement. He ran shirtless and with a TV to prove that racism is what killed Ahmaud Arbery. For more Ahmaud Arbery updates, follow NowThis News. #AhmaudArbery #IRunWithMaud #News #NowThis #NowThisNews This video "White Man Runs with TV to Prove Racism Killed Ahmaud Arbery", first appeared on https://nowthisnews.com/.