White Man Charged In The Murder Of His Black Fiancee, Victim’s Mom Received Texts From Her Phone Well After Her Death

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Crime Scene
Crime Scene

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A Greenville, South Carolina, man has been arrested and charged in the murder of his fiancee whose remains were found earlier this year. According to a press release from the Greenville Police Department, Michael Lee Wilkerson was taken into custody during a traffic stop in Buford, Georgia, after police found probable cause to believe that Wilkerson killed Brittany Michelle Daniels.

michael lee wilkerson
michael lee wilkerson

Michael Lee Wilkerson Source: Gwinnett County Jail / Gwinnett County Jail

Daniels was reported missing on March 16, 2020 by her family members. Police were asking for help finding Daniels before her body was found in a wooded area in northeast Georgia in April. It was determined that it was her after DNA testing. It is estimated that Daniels, 32, died on or around February 12, 2020. Her friends told The State that she was last seen alive in February 2020, at a Greenville restaurant as well. Daniels’s cause of death has not yet been determined. Daniels and Wilkerson were living together at the time of her death and disappearance.

Wilkerson was being held at a county jail in Gwinnett County, and has been transferred to the Greenville County Detention Center according to public records. The US Marshal’s Task Force, the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office and the Gwinnett County Police Department all collaborated in order to track Wilkerson down and bring him into custody.

Daniels’s mother, Melanie Holliman, told Fox Carolina last year that text messages from Daniels didn’t stop until March. Now, that is an interesting factor in this case considering that it is estimated she was killed in February.

“I was getting text messages in the month of February into March,” Holliman said.

Holliman said the last text that was sent was about Daniels going on vacation.

“I got a text saying she would be back from Puerto Rico and she never showed up,” she said.

Holliman found out that Daniels never went on the trip. Daniels’s co-worker Brent Paiz echoed the story to WSPA News about Puerto Rico, and said it wasn’t hard to believe because it was one of her favorite places.

“It’s sad and you’re kind of sick to your stomach,” Paiz told WSPA. “But I will say this… I’m glad that her mom who is such a sweet person and her brothers got some closure.”