White House: Trump sometimes tested for coronavirus more than once a day

At a briefing on Tuesday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said President Trump at times is tested for the virus more than once daily.

Video Transcript

- Yesterday the president tweeted out an image of himself wearing a mask. He said that wearing a mask is an act of patriotism. No one is more patriotic than him. Then just hours later, he was spotted at the Trump Hotel not wearing a mask. Why did it take him so long, first of all, to be seen wearing a mask in public? And why the mixed messaging on this critical health issue that his own top health officials have said is critical to fighting this pandemic?

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: The president's always been consistent on this, that masks, according to the CDC, are recommended but not required. He has said that he would wear one in the case he couldn't appropriately socially distance on. And he wore one and put up the picture on Twitter, as you saw.

- Does he think that it's important to lead by example on this issue?

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: Well, the president has led. He's been consistent, even going back to March 31, when he said, "Then my feeling is if people want to do it, there's certainly no harm to it."

- He hasn't done it, Kayleigh. He hasn't worn a mask.

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: The president--

- And so it's sending, is it not, mixed signals?

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: The president wore a mask in May. The president wore a mask at Walter Reed out of an abundance of caution. But as I've made clear from this podium, the president is the most tested man in America. He's tested more than anyone, multiple times a day. And we believe that he's acting appropriately.

- You said earlier that the president was tested multiple times a day. We knew he was tested daily. But can you elaborate on that? How many times today is he tested?

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: He's tested often. I'm not going to read out exactly how many times he's tested a day. But sometimes it is more than one time a day.

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