These 30 White Elephant Gifts Will Be the Top Presents at Every Holiday Party

We never know what to expect or what fun present we're walking away with, and that's precisely what makes the white elephant gift exchange so fun! If you're attending one of these parties, you've got to come armed with a funny, crowd-pleasing, gender neutral gift, which is where we come in. These are the best affordable white elephant gifts; each one is under $25! They're so wallet-friendly, you can definitely add two to your cart. You know, to make sure you're walking away with something awesome.

What do we want, specifically? Well, there's a bunch of fun party games, a succulent candle that's so cute, and a cool alcohol infusion kit. Plus, there's a heat-activated changing mug and a french fry car holder. At this rate, you're practically required to snap up one of these good white elephant gifts. Just keep reading to shop our picks.

- Additional reporting by Lauren Harano

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