White Claw Just Launched a New Hard Seltzer Line With Even More Alcohol

Rachel Linder
·1 min read

Purchases of alcoholic beverages shot up following the start of the pandemic. In fact, sales by volume skyrocketed by 26.3% between March and October 2020, according to data from Neilsen. White Claw is an in-demand drink among hard seltzer connoisseurs, and it continues to reciprocate the love through exciting new product launches.

If you're a fan, the brand's latest creation is about to take your typical "White Claw summer" to a whole new level. It was just announced that the all-new White Claw Hard Seltzer Surge contains 8% ABV. By comparison, the original version of this beloved beverage has 5% ABV. If that isn't a next-level upgrade, what actually qualifies as one?

white claw surge
white claw surge

Described as "reaching new heights," the two flavors, Blood Orange and Cranberry, promise a refreshingly sweet or tart compliment to a hot summer day. And are you ready for one of those "but wait, there's more!" moments? Not only do these new beverages have more alcohol, but they're also being sold in 16-ounce cans instead of the original 12-ounce versions.

Looking to try a sip? Starting this month, cans of Surge will be sold individually for $2.99 at grocery chains and convenience stores nationwide. White Claw has also been busy growing its lineup of variety packs, but the Surge cans won't be featured inside one—yet.

This isn't the only new crop of beverages to recently make headlines—Dr. Pepper Just Released This New Soda Line. To get all of the latest beverage news delivered straight to your email inbox every day, sign up for our newsletter!