These Whisky Capsules Are Getting Compared to Tide Pods

These biodegradable pods are filled with whisky. The Glenlivet Distillery announced a new product aimed at reducing the need for plastic, glasses, and cocktail stirrers. The 23-ml capsules are made out of seaweed extract and come in three different flavors. The pods will be featured at the 2019 London Cocktail week. After news of the pods were released, people began comparing them to Tide Pods. “No one: Not one single person: Tremendous silence requesting nothing: Glenlivet: Whiskey Tide Pods,” @bigendiansmalls tweeted. “Lmfao can’t wait to accidentally wash my clothes with whiskey pods,” @XJDEVITOX tweeted. In 2018, the “Tide Pod Challenge” resulted in dozens of poisoning cases worldwide after teens tried to ingest the pods as part of a social media challenge. “It’s all fun and games until you mix these up with your Tide pods and end up with whiskey-soaked clothes and a stomach pump,” @PARKERMOLLOY tweeted. The whiskey capsules are not yet available in the U.S. This video, "These Whisky Capsules Are Getting Compared to Tide Pods", first appeared on