Whip Cracking Sunsets At Mindil Market in Darwin Australia

·Editor at Large

Every Thursday and Sunday evening the world meets at the beaches of Darwin, Australia, in the famed Mindil Market.

Located on the shores of the Arafura Sea, thousands of people show up for the food - but it’s not Australian food. You’d be hard pressed to find a meat pie here. Instead the fare is Thai, Sri Lankan, Indian, Chinese and Malaysian to Brazilian, Greek, Portuguese. Palm readers and children’s entertainers work alongside vendors selling jewelry, clothing, and anything made from a cain toad or a crocodile (think coin purses, whips, back scratchers, key chains, you name it, they got it). But the real star of the show is the exquisite sunset, which drops straight into the ocean, setting the sky ablaze. It’s an experience not to be missed.


The sunset at Mindil Market is one of the best I have ever seen.


The broad abroad… The beaches are beautiful - but dangerous. The waters are fully of jellyfish, sharks and crocodiles.


Entertainment includes a band with a man playing four didgeridoos at once. Impressive.