Where Would You Go if You Could Only Take One Last Trip — Ever?


Paddle boarding into the Hawaiian sunset (Photo: Getty Images)

Bucket lists are one thing, but where would you go if you could only take one last trip ever?

Call me morbid, but I think about this a lot: if I got sick and was given the opportunity to squeeze in a final trip, what would it be? Right now, Myanmar is at the top of my bucket list (and don’t even get me started about my insane jealousy that Yahoo Travel’s editor-in-chief Paula Froelich is headed there right now).

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Temples in Bagan, Myanmar (Photo: Thinkstock)

But if it’s just one last place, I want to know that it’s a sure bet, a place where I will have a guaranteed amazing time. So I would book a flight to the Rockhouse in Jamaica, where my husband and I got married, where I celebrated my 40th birthday, and where we took our daughter on her first international trip when she was two months old (the staff at the hotel jokes that she is a Jamerican). I would stay in cottage #17 because I know that the sunset views are unrivaled. I would book a massage (or two or three or four) with Joy, whose hands work magic. And I would invite all my family and friends because who doesn’t want to be floating in that pool right now?

In the pool at the Rockhouse, in Negril (Photo: Jonathan Bloom)

But enough about me, we at Yahoo Travel want to know where YOU would go, so we asked for your input on Facebook. Clearly, you’ve been thinking about this, too, because your responses came pouring in. Call it cheating, call it what you want: some of you brilliantly voted for a trip that would knock off a number of destinations, like an around-the-world cruise or an around-the-world trip. Many of you said home. A few of your said heaven (hey, don’t speed things up too much). One jokester even said he wanted to go to hell (we suspect he was kidding). And my mother said she would come to New York City to visit me and my brother and our families (thanks, mom!).

In our very unscientific survey, here are the places that topped the list. Plus, some of the answers that just charmed us.


A waterfall at Wailua Falls, on Kauai (Photo: Thinkstock)

As Ivana Kai put it, “That’s easy — Hawai’i.” These far-flung Polynesian islands were the runaway winner (not that this was a contest or a race). It’s no wonder that these magical islands were also the setting for the opening credits of that classic TV show, “Fantasy Island.”

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Positano, on the Amalfi Coast (Photo: Thinkstock)

Italy was a close second, with lots of shout-outs for the home of la dolce vita, especially the swoon-worthy city of Rome, seaside Positano, and the enchanting island of Sicily.


The coastline of County Cork, Ireland (Photo: Thinkstock)

I’m headed to Ireland myself in a couple weeks, and I couldn’t agree more with all of Yahoo Travel’s followers who name-checked the Emerald Isle.


An aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef (Photo: Thinkstock)

Down Under was right on top of the list — especially for Dennis Nessel, who wants to go to the Great Barrier Reef to “snorkel and dive.”

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What would you give for one last stroll along the Seine? (Photo: Thinkstock)

A number of you said Paris, but we would like to be Amber Rose Swinson’s mother: “My momma wants to go to Paris, so Paris it would be.”



The views from Santorini, Greece (Photo: Getty Images)

“Greece, because of the history, awesome people, and views beyond my wildest dreams,” says Robbie Sherman.



Fiji islands (Photo: Corbis Images)

Mahroofa Khan wants to head to “Fiji islands with my family. Creating priceless memories.”



Machu Picchu (Photo: Corbis Images)

Laurie McQuay is fantasizing about “Machu Picchu … there are many places I would like to return to one more time, Scotland, Spain, Costa Rica, Alaska, but I need to go to Peru. It calls me.”

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The Panama Canal (Photo: Corbis Images)

“A thirty-day cruise to the Panama canal, to see what my mom never got the chance to see.” That would do it for Sue Pensak.

New Zealand


The majestic geography of New Zealand’s Mount Taranaki (Photo: Corbis Images)

Kim Coffey Clifton is dreaming of New Zealand: “The geography, the people, the culture. It’s all so amazing.”

Papua New Guinea


Snorkeling in Papua New Guinea (Photo: Getty Images)

“Papua New Guinea is one of the most remote, untouched places on earth,” according to Cherri Littleton Megasko. “The snorkeling is outstanding, the culture is intriguing and the landscape is challenging. What more could you ask for in an adventure trip?”

Theme Parks


The Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios (Photo: Flaber Degasky/Flickr)

And Kelli BenSalah wants to have a little fun: “A week at Disney and Universal Studios and Sea World with all of my family! So many memories we would make!”

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