Where is the new ‘All I Wanted’ song from?

Remember when you only wanted that one specific thing and nothing else? TikTok knows the exact pain you’re going through.

Thanks to Paramore’s “All I Wanted,” TikTokers are able to perfectly paint the picture of the childhood wants they never received.

The original video that inspired the trend didn’t come from a toy or an infomercial product that a child would latch onto. It came from an edit from HBO’s hit show Euphoria.

TikTok user @methalertvsp made an edit with Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi) looking at Maddy Perez (Alexa Demie) but then cut to shots of Jules (Hunter Schafer), implying that all Nate ever wanted was Jules.

The sound currently has nearly 27,000 videos attached to it.

Viewers took that same sentiment, applied it personally and created this new trend.


“Finally someone gets meee YESSSSSSS,” commented @valeri_n_stuff.

While you can follow the template from above to recreate the meme, a majority of users are using three slides — with the third one revealing the item they wanted.

The song itself is being used in multiple ways. Aside from the trend above, TikTokers are also using the sound to accompany their makeup transition videos.

“I feel so simple and cute heheh,” wrote @aldogomeow in the caption.

Transitions are always flawless!” said @katieozuna00

On top of both those trends, users are utilizing the song in one other way.

The #nolovechallenge has been happening for some time now and began with a dance to “No Love” by J.K. Mac. The dance has evolved into a sped-up version of itself, along with a sped-up version of “All I Wanted” in the background.


The sped-up version of the song was posted by @tr0picaudios and has over 57,000 videos attached to it.

TikTok has simultaneously turned one song into three trending movements. It’s getting everything it can out of this song — and making sure Paramore gets its flowers in the process.

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