Here’s where the viral ‘what you looking for’ sound started

A cheer coach and her squad at Trinity Christian Academy in Deltona, Florida (@coachcheeralot) have gone viral after posting a video of them warming up. The audio from the first half of their video is now one of the most popular sounds on the app.

The first half of the video starts with one of the cheerleaders chanting, “What you looking for? We got what you looking for.”

That sound has spread all over TikTok, as the whole video has over 79 million views and 10 million likes. The audio has been used in over 436,000 videos, with TikTokers explaining why they have exactly what people are looking for — in both a serious and joking matter.

“Yk they inclusive if they have plain white in there shade range,” said @that.a.girly.

She wasn’t the only one having trouble with her dance moves.

“The iconic maddie switch leap haunts me in my sleep,” replied @madisonleahh.

This isn’t the first time the TCA cheerleading squad has gone viral. Of the 41 videos the cheer coach posted, 14 have over 1 million views.

The only other video with more views on the account features a cheer the squad did at a basketball game, which garnered over 100 million views, 12 million likes and 50,000 comments.

TikTokers continue to use this sound in creative ways, despite being posted nearly a month ago. If history repeats itself, it wouldn’t be shocking to see another viral video or sound from the TCA cheerleading squad.

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