Where Was 'The Ultimatum' Season 2 Filmed?

Ryann McCracken.

If Ryann McCracken's adorably thick accent didn't already tip you off, The Ultimatum's second season was set in the South. More specifically, it was shot in Charlotte, N.C. Unlike some reality shows, which ask that participants relocate for filming, The Ultimatum selected couples who lived and worked in and around the area, with production taking place from September to November 2022.

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Over the course of those eight weeks, five couples decided whether to get married, as one person in the relationship was demanding (hence "the ultimatum"), or break up. To help with the decision-making process, each participant got a three-week "trial marriage" with someone else from the bunch—a chance to see what life might be like with another person—followed by a three-week "trial marriage" with their original partner.

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It remains to be seen which Season 2 couples will stay together (the finale drops Aug. 30), but judging from the first eight episodes, which are now available to stream on Netflix, it seems like just one pair—Kat and Alex—are truly prepared to take the plunge. (Lord knows Roxanne is too busy with her pasties company to be bothered with marriage.)

On the contrary, a few couples from The Ultimatum's first season, which was filmed in Austin, Texas, are still together—and now even married. Hear that? It's the sound of a million ultimatums being issued on couches across America.

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