Where is the ‘Taste the Biscuit’ TikTok song from?

This strange TikTok filter has sparked an even weirder meme on the app.

If you haven’t discovered “Taste the Biscuit” TikTok, it’s only a matter of time. The bizarre meme features an obscure song from a 2010 music mockumentary and face-swapping with a chrome-skinned CGI model. Yeah, the internet just keeps getting more unhinged.

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What is the “Taste the Biscuit” trend on TikTok?

TikTok has a “chrome lady” filter where users superimpose their faces on a CGI model with chrome skin and a purple dress walking around a beach. For some reason, the meme includes a version of the song “Taste the Biscuit.”

The upbeat song features a woman singing, “Taste the biscuit, taste the goodness of the biscuit.” As the music plays, the chrome lady walks around the beach. The meme is essentially people using the filter and discussing the ridiculous song.

“You’re a special kind of person if you’re currently on chrome lady biscuit TikTok,” a user said in a video.

Meanwhile, other users like @rachel_reads_books discovered a high-quality version of the song and started their own exclusive club.

“I’m so deep in biscuittok I unlocked HD audio there’s not even 300 vids under it rn,” she said.

Currently, there are 4,825 videos with HD audio, 26,000 with the original sound and 1,102 that use a disco remix.

Where does the “Taste the Biscuit” song come from?

The song is from the 2020 music mockumentary Chickens in the Shadows, a comedy that follows the fictional 1970s band Toasters ‘N’ Moose as they try to make a comeback.

The band performed the song during a mall gig at a thrift store. The film was directed by Vincent Gargiulo and has amassed a bit of a cult following.

Every couple of years, it hits again,” Gargiulo told Rolling Stone of the latest meme. “So this time, it wasn’t that big of a surprise, although it seems to be bigger this go-around. The Chrome Lady I don’t understand, but sure, cool.”

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