Where Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber’s Relationship Stands After Those Photos: They’re ‘More Than Cordial’

Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez sent social media into a meltdown when they hugged and posed together for photographs inside the Academy Museum Gala earlier this month. (Hailey is now married to Justin Bieber, whom Selena dated on-and-off for years.) But the moment wasn't just to show the public that there's peace between them once and for all; a source told Entertainment Tonight that the two hope to keep the good vibes going. Selena and Hailey “are more than cordial and just want to remain friendly,” the source said.

Overall, “Justin, Hailey, and Selena are glad to have cleared the air, moved on with their lives, and closed that chapter,” the source added.

They're all doing well individually too. “Selena is doing amazing and is just focusing on herself, her family, and her close-knit circle of friends,” the source said. “She's not trying to settle down right now and she's just living her best life.”

“Hailey and Justin are doing great in their relationship,” the source said of the Biebers. “They are so in love and focusing on their work, as well as their mental and physical health. They want the best for each other and that has always been the priority. They try to keep their private lives private and like to do husband and wife things that support a healthy relationship.”

selena gomez and hailey bieber
Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber at the Academy Museum GalaTyrell Hampton / Academy Museum Gala

A source close to Gomez spoke to E! on Oct. 18 about the thinking behind the photograph. “They were at the same event and were asked to take a photo together,” the source said. "They agreed and decided to clear up the rumors once and for all. They wanted to show that there's really no hate between them and that they are both in a good place. It was a moment and an opportunity to put all of the noise behind them and they took it."

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