Here’s Where the Season 3 Cast of ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Is Now

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

The following contains spoilers for season 3 of Too Hot to Handle.

Lana and her sexual puritan ways are back for another group abstinence session in Too Hot to Handle season 3, featuring ten more libertine singles. After season 1, the show’s bait and switch opening—leading horny twenty-somethings onto a hookup show only to reveal (on night one) the real game: challenging them to not have sex with each other—is by now an old plot twist. And because fewer and fewer people will fall for the charade, Netflix decided to film season 2 and 3 back-to-back. Meaning the season 3 cast hadn’t yet seen season 2. Meaning they were less likely to bite the hook? Who knows.

The season was filmed sometime in January or February of 2021—just weeks after the season 2 cast (remember Marvin and Melinda?) left the island. That schedule makes the lead time for this season almost a full year, meaning the cast of the series were likely embargoed from revealing too much about their dating history since. Did they stay with their island beau? Did they move on? Their Instagrams remained (mostly) silent.

Now that the new season has premiered, however, we’ll get a better sense of where everyone is +1 year from filming.

Before we sleuth our way to the answer, there are some things we want to make clear about this escapist brain drain of a series (not that there’s anything wrong with escapist brain drains): we’re not super on board with the show’s 3-year-old message, which is essentially a load of traffic-cone-led slut shaming. Abstaining from sexual activity with a consenting partner does not make one a more righteous person deserving of praise or prize money. Honesty and sexual gratification are not mutually exclusive. And a respectful and fulfilling relationship does not have to look like a long-term monogamous heterosexual partnership. Facts.

Anyway, here’s where the original season 3 cast of Too Hot to Handle is now.

We’ll keep this story updated as we learn more, i.e., the THTH stars finally drop their year-old posts.

Nathan Soan Mngomezulu

Cape Town, SA

IG: @nathsoan

International playboy Nathan committed to Holly from day 1. While there were lots of—let’s face it—manufactured tests for Nathan’s fidelity, the man held strong. We’re not seeing any trips to Colorodo on his Instagram, though. Not yet.

Harry Johnson

Middlesbrough, UK

IG: @harryjohnson92

Harrybeaux? Barry? Harry and Beaux left the island with the prize money and as a couple. Beaux recently commented on Harry’s IG photo with a puppy-dog eyes emoji. He responded with a heart. There is hope.


Texas, USA

IG: @truthsworld

Truth was booted from the island early into the retreat. He’s since gotten some IG comment love from Jaz, but we can’t tell if he’s reunited with any castmates.

Patrick Mullen

Hawaii, USA

IG: @thepatmullen

Patrick booted himself from the island late into the retreat, having learned all he could. He has since returned to his home island where we can’t tell which day is a normal sunrise and which day is a postcard photoshoot. #goals.

Stevan Ditter

California, USA

IG: @stevanditter

Stevan shot his shot with Georgia and then with newcomer Olga. Not sure where the latter situationship ended up. Seems like he just broke his clavicle snowboarding, though. Get well, Stevan.

Holly Scarfone

Colorado, USA

IG: @hollyscarfone

Holly and Nathan seemed to commit to one another on day one, making the couple perhaps the longest monogamous partnership in Too Hot to Handle’s island history. The last year of IG posts doesn’t suggest any trips to Cape Town, though. And Nathan is absent from the comments (and obviously pictures).

Izzy Fairthorne

Cheltenham, UK

IG: @izfairr

After a tough first week, Izzy and Jackson (one of the new arrivals from London) seemed to have some chemistry. If the great British romance continued, though, her IG neither confirms nor denies.

Jazlyn Holloway

Virginia, USA

IG: @jazkills

Jaz didn’t seem to find anyone on the island—either from the original group or the new arrivals—who suited her. She is active in commenting on her costar’s photos, which hopefully means she made a lot of friends.

Beaux Raymond

London, UK

IG: @_beauxraymond_

While Beaux was originally hurt by fellow countryman Harry Johnson’s Georgia pursuit (which led nowhere), the two committed to each other early in the retreat and Brexited with the prize money. Hard to tell what she’s used it on. Harder to tell if she’s still with Harry.

Georgia Hassarati

Queensland, AU

IG: @georgiahassarati

After a slew of early pursuers (most notably Stevan), Georgia tried to make it work with Gerrie from Johannesburg, a late arrival. In the end, Georgia decided to work on herself, confronting Gerrie with some hard honesty and apologizing to Stevan for her flippancy. Since then, seems like she’s been living her best life with her dog Sponge.

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