Where should you draft Mike Trout this season? | Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Podcast

Yahoo Sports fantasy expert Andy Behrens is joined by Razzball’s Brandon ‘B_Don’ Myers to talk about where fantasy managers should draft Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout.

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ANDY BEHRENS: Mike Trout, in any given year, not really a rankings conundrum at all. Right? He's, as you say, he's 1 or 2. And if you're going to go any lower than 2 you've really got to-- you've really got to state the case for it. I've got him at 8 right now. Because at some point, you have to figure he's going to take-- I don't know what it is. Is it five games? He's going-- he's going to take some time off in a 60 game season because his wife is going to give birth. And it's going to happen in August.

So, like, we just know, baseline, that's going to happen. Pretty reasonable expectation that it's-- that it becomes more than that if they get off to a terrible start. Does he-- does he check out in August? Right? Like, if there's-- I don't know. So, like, have you-- have you dropped him beyond 5? Have you dropped him out-- is he out of your first round right now? Are you still holding on at, like-- at, like, 2 or 3?

BRANDON MYERS: If you think you're-- you're concerned and, like, you've dropped him-- like, maybe I sound crazy at this point, but I've dropped him to the end of the second round, early third.


BRANDON MYERS: That's kind of of where I am on him. Because he's even said, at this point, depending on what continues to develop around the league, he may only play home games. He may not play at all. Because it's only going to be a month into the season when his kid is due. So he's around, like, 20-- 20 to 26 to me, kind of depending on the format. I'm still willing to kind of reach for him a little bit in points, or OBP, where he kind of gets that boost. But I kind of was already concerned that the stolen bases weren't going to be there as we've seen Mike Trout.


BRANDON MYERS: I mean, we've seen the numbers come down season after season for a few seasons now. So he was already kind of starting to worry me there. I mean, as you mentioned, he was like 2 or 3, just depending on the day for me-- depending on what news we had on Christian Yelich at the time. But now, I'm-- I mean, this has me-- this has me concerned for-- for what we get from him this year.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah. OK. That's a little more aggressive than I was. I mean, I feel like at some point back into the-- back into the first round-- middle of the first round, I'm going to start thinking about it because, you know, like, obviously, your ceiling with Mike Trout in any given year is a-- is a triple crown in a ridiculous season like this.

Like, he just doesn't have, like, bad stretches. Like, Mike Trout just doesn't have, like, a down two weeks. So I feel pretty confident about-- [INAUDIBLE] a stupid thing to say. Everybody feels confident about Mike Trout when he's playing. You're-- you're, like-- you're kind of convincing me of the downside though.

BRANDON MYERS: Yeah. I mean, it's a first round pick.

ANDY BEHRENS: Like, the possibility-- like, that's what I've--

BRANDON MYERS: [INAUDIBLE]. Like, what's the difference in 60 games between him and Trevor Story? Him-- Mookie Betts? I mean, even if we go to, like, the third, fourth round-- like, what's the difference between him and Ozzie Albies, or Javier Baez in a 60 game sample, other than, like, the fact that they could blow up and hit 200 in a month or two. Whereas Trout probably isn't going to hit worse than 260 across the month. And if he does that, he's got like a 400 OBP and he's getting you runs, RBIs.

ANDY BEHRENS: Right. My big worry with him, really, is the Angels, like-- if the Angels start slow, and then-- and then Trout leaves for the birth of his child-- well, like, why would he come back? Why on earth would you risk Mike Trout? Why would he risk it?

BRANDON MYERS: Yeah. I'm-- I'm actually more on the edge of if you're drafted Mike Trout, which is kind of why I'm picking easy and pushed back to the second round. At this point, I'm even considering dropping him further. I don't really expect him to come back after-- like, once he's held his kid, once his wife has dug in on him. Like--


BRANDON MYERS: --our child is just born and you're going to go out and, you know, play baseball when we don't really need the money. So, I mean, I have a fair amount of concern. At some point, you're right, the upside is just too much to pass up. But once we get-- it's basically, once we get past those, like, power speed combo guys that can give you similar numbers to what we're getting from Trout, is you don't get the prolonged bouts of average, and high runs, and RBI numbers that you would normally get out of Trout because he's amazing.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah. I've got-- I've got him behind guys like Trevor Story, right now. Again, I've got him about 8. I've got him behind Cole. I've got him behind Betts, guys like that. But once we get into those sort of second and third tier middle infield types-- the types you are mentioning-- I just-- I think I would pull the trigger on Trout.

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