Where does the term ‘DINK’ come from, and why is it suddenly all over TikTok?

The term “DINK,” which stands for “double-income, no kids,” has actually been around for decades. But a whole new generation of adults seems to be discovering it now on TikTok, where it’s become something of a trending topic lately.

The term reportedly dates back to the late ’80s, when The Los Angeles Times published a piece about “the millions of baby-boom couples who work for wages and, so far, don’t have children,” referring to them as DINKs.

Today, the term has started to bubble up again now that couples on TikTok are sharing clips of their seemingly blissful child-free lives — which include lots of downtime, a comfortable amount of cash in the bank and spontaneous trips and date nights.

Some of the videos appear to be made in defense of their decision to remain childless since well-meaning friends and family often ask nosy questions about the baby-making plans of couples in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

Others highlight some of the reasons why they’re happy to remain kid-free (at least for now) to focus on having experiences as a couple.

And while some do, in fact, come off a bit “braggy,” they all strive to send one single message: You don’t need to have a child — or multiple children, for that matter — to lead a happy, full life.

The rise in DINK videos has created a small but loyal community among childless couples on TikTok. They want nothing more than to make their own family decisions without being judged.

Sometimes, this doesn’t go over well with a certain demo of TikTokers. In fact, it’s drawn a fair amount of heat in the comments sections.

“Good luck dying alone at 60-70 with no grandkids to take care of you,” wrote one person.

“Millennials will ruin the pension system i swear to god,” added someone else.

But plenty of others love the term and the lifestyle and stand by letting others decide for themselves when and if they want to have kids.

“This is what I want,” one TikToker wrote on a DINK couple’s video.

“YES X1000 let’s break the societal cycle of forcing couples to settle down and give up on bucket lists young!!” added someone else.

“You aren’t on anyone’s timeline but your own!” another TikToker declared. “Do what makes you happy.”

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