Where does the ‘30,000’ sound come from?

Thanks to a melodramatic sound, the number “30,000” is going viral on TikTok.

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A woman somberly saying “30,000” has taken over FYPs everywhere and featured in over 100,000 videos. The snippet is being used to describe any situation where “30,000” is simply too much. Whether it’s a $30,000 price tag or 30,000 DMs, the short soundbite is popular because it applies to so many situations.

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Where does the “30,000” sound on TikTok come from?

The original sound is from the YouTube channel 8 Passengers, which has over 2.34 million subscribers and follows a family of vloggers. In a 2017 video, the family matriarch discovered that fixing her kitchen after some serious smoke damage would cost $30,000.

In April, the TikToker @prestonisoverparty uploaded the sound to describe a familiar situation. “POV: You pick out a shirt in Urban Outfitters and check the price tag.”

“When you finally decide to check your TikTok DMS, and you see how many TikToks your BFF sent you,” @nesmates said in a video.

“POV: You getting a small popcorn and a water cup at the movie theater,” @sauceyogranny wrote in a caption.

“Me looking for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment to rent in 2022,” @ohheywoze captioned a video.

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