Where to buy a PlayStation 5 in 2020

Here are some tips and leads to help you figure out where to buy a PS5 in time for the holidays — and beyond. It’s likely that the PS5 will still be in short supply well into 2021. Create an account with every major retailer you intend to buy from — Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc. Make sure you’re logged onto all their sites and your credit card info for each is updated. Once a listing goes up, retailers get slammed with a massive amount of traffic that slows their website down to a crawl. When that happens, don’t give up. Refresh the webpage if you have to. Use Discord and Twitch to get instant notifications on PlayStation 5 listings. Download apps from all the retailers you intend on buying from. Remember, make sure you’re logged in on the apps and your payment info is filled out. Pray to whichever gods you honor. Appeal to whatever cosmic force you believe influences the universe