'Wheel of Fortune' Fans Question Pat Sajak's 'Dismissive' Ruling

Wheel of Fortune fans think host Pat Sajak's ruling of a contestant's guess was incorrect.

During the May 3 episode, contestant Neetu Varshney tried her luck at solving puzzle A- A ---ENT's -OT--E, seemingly guessing it correctly by saying, "At a moment's notice." However, it appeared that Sajak had misheard her say "In a moment's notice" instead, vetoing her guess.

Then, when contestant Jeremy Manos clearly pronounced the response, Sajak gave him the $2,000.

Sajak told Varshney she "almost got it, but it's at a moment's notice."

That moment cost Varshney an opportunity to win some much-needed money, as she did not end up solving any of the other puzzles. After winding up empty-handed by the end of the episode, Sajak offered a consolation prize of $1,000.

Many called out the show's host for allegedly refusing to accept Varshney's correct answer. Some also believed she correctly guessed another puzzle that spelled out Mall of America, though her answer sounded more like "Mail of America."

This isn't Sajak's only recent controversial moment on the show. When contestant Ashley Laumb shared her ichtyophobia (an extreme fear of fish), Sajak decided to prank her by holding up a fake fish later on in the game. In another episode, he poked fun at enthusiastic teenage contestant Ross Campbell, quipping to the audience, "There's really no need for me at all."

Sajak also told Vanna White about the questionable joke he pulls on his wife, Lesly Brown. "I do this thing I do [at] every one of Lesly’s birthdays and she absolutely hates it. We put a cake in front of her, she closes her eyes, she makes a wish, and when she blows out the candle, I clutch my heart and fall to the ground," Sajak spilled at the time.

He then told White that he doesn't understand why Brown doesn't find it amusing and asked her if she thought the prank was funny, to which White sternly replied, "No."