How to use Whatsapp for your business

 Person using a phone and laptop in a cafe.
Person using a phone and laptop in a cafe.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Whatsapp for Business

- What is Whatsapp and how does it work?

- The difference between Whatsapp Business and regular Whatsapp

- Why use Whatsapp for business communication?

- Benefits of using Whatsapp for business

Chapter 2: Setting Up Whatsapp for Business

- Downloading and installing Whatsapp for Business

- Setting up your business profile

- Verifying your business account

- Adding business details such as location, website, and description

Chapter 3: Utilizing Whatsapp for Business

- Understanding the different types of communication on Whatsapp

- Using Whatsapp for customer support

- Using Whatsapp for sales and marketing

- Using Whatsapp Web for seamless communication

- Whatsapp Business API and how to use it

Most people, especially some business owners see WhatsApp as a platform only for chatting with friends, and families and having fun. That is not all to WhatsApp, WhatsApp can do so much more for your business than you could ever imagine.

As a business owner Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram aren't the only social media platforms to invest in to grow your brand and increase engagement. I believe you have heard about WhatsApp business, this is designed to help small business owners to help them connect with their customers in a personalized way, offering smooth customer service to them.

Today several companies have adopted this idea, and are using Whatsapp business to provide personalized customer service to their customers. A study states that 90% of global consumers prefer to stay connected to companies that offer them more personalized service than companies that don't.

Staying connected with your customers can be hard, and marketing messages can be tough sometimes, but with WhatsApp, it doesn't have to be like that. It helps you build relationships with your customers and meet their needs effectively.

In this article, we will talk about how you can use this platform as a powerful marketing tool.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Whatsapp for Business

What is Whatsapp and how does it work?

Whatsapp is a very popular messaging app that allows its users to communicate with their friends and families through voice, text, or video chat. It is a centralized, cross-platform, freeware instant messaging (IM) and voice-over-IP (VoIP) service offered globally and owned by US tech giant Meta.

WhatsApp is an application that runs on mobile devices and can be accessed on computers. It's a platform used by millions of people worldwide. It was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in 2009 before it was later acquired by Meta (Formerly known as Facebook) in 2014. The app interface is straightforward making it easy to use. It's user-friendly making it very accessible and easy to navigate.

WhatsApp or both are available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free. Its size in iOS is 178mb while for Android it's (33.85mb). It's available in 60 languages on Android, and 40 languages for iOS devices.

Users will have to download and install the app before using it. Once installed an account can be created by providing your phone number and verification of your phone number using a one-time verification code which would be sent to your phone number.

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app that is constantly updated with new features making communication easier. The app has changed the way people interact with each other, especially with friends and families that live in another country. It makes communication among colleagues, friends, and families easier and more convenient.

The difference between Whatsapp Business and regular Whatsapp

WhatsApp Business and regular WhatsApp is different in certain ways, although they seem alike. They represent different versions of the messaging app.

WhatsApp Messenger or regular WhatsApp is designed for personal use, for example, it is used by individuals to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues. There isn't much to do with a regular WhatsApp, although most business owners use it for businesses, it doesn't have the features and tools of WhatsApp business, such as automation options.

WhatsApp Business is an app designed for small and medium business owners to effectively communicate with their customers. It's also free to use. Although both sides can participate both in group chat, and personal chats, WhatsApp business possesses features that differ from regular WhatsApp like, automated messages, WhatsApp web, and also the ability to create a business profile.

Whatsapp business allows businesses to create their business profile which includes, a business name, hours of operation, email address, business phone number, and website. This makes it easier to increase your brand awareness and connect with more people. It also helps to establish a professional online presence for your brand.

A WhatsApp Business account differs from a regular one, meaning that they can be on the same phone but must have separate phone numbers.

You have the option of using both a landline and a mobile number for the business account. Using a dual SIM phone to manage both from a single device while maintaining separate contact lists for compliance reasons is a good idea.

Another distinction between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business is that businesses receive a verified and expanded Business Profile so that customers can feel confident when chatting with other users. The WhatsApp API enables businesses to integrate WhatsApp into CRM and customer support software and unlock extra features like chatbots and media-rich messages, which is helpful for businesses looking to advance their WhatsApp conversations.

Why use Whatsapp for business communication?

There are many reasons to use Whatsapp for Business communication, not only is it easier and more convenient to communicate with your customers but also it has a very nice and user-friendly interface. WhatsApp is the most popular and used messaging app with Millions of users worldwide.

To start I will love to provide you with some features of WhatsApp business that a regular WhatsApp doesn't have, which will aid in better business communication.

Here are some features of WhatsApp business that regular WhatsApp doesn't possess.

Business Profile

The WhatsApp business allows you to create a business profile for your brand. It gives room for essential information such as; Business name, business description, address, phone number, and website.

Automated message

The WhatsApp business enables you to create and schedule automated messages to customers such as Welcome messages, thank you messages, FAQs, etc. You can also create appointment reminders.

Quick Replies

This enables companies to create and save pre-written messages that can be sent with just a few taps. This enables companies to respond quickly and effectively to customers who frequently ask the same questions or make the same requests.

WhatsApp Web

The WhatsApp business has a feature that allows you to use Whatsapp web. Landline phone number. With this feature, you can send and receive WhatsApp messages from your browser using a laptop or computer even though you have no mobile phone.


Chatbots have quickly emerged as a crucial part of any messaging strategy as businesses add channels for messaging to offer quicker resolutions and always-on support. By ensuring that customers receive prompt responses even when an agent is helping another customer or running to Chick-fil-A, or even when your support is offline, they ensure that customers are never left in the dark.

Businesses can use a bot on WhatsApp to answer frequently asked questions, direct customers to the appropriate department, and link them to help desk articles with the help of the right chatbot solution.

Label Conversation

You can manage contacts in WhatsApp Business using labels, such as "new customer," "complaint," "loyal customer," and "urgent." When making lists for WhatsApp broadcasts and trying to keep track of conversations, this is helpful.

QR codes and Short Links

This can be shared across your channel as an easy and quick way for customers to contact you.


With these features, you can send about 256 people a message at a time. This is a way of sending mass messages to a large number of people. This is important especially when you want to send updates, promotions, or notifications to your customers.


This feature allows businesses to be able to showcase their products and services. You can include descriptions, images, and prices of your products and services. This makes it easier for customers to understand your business better and also enables them to be able to place an order for your product and services.

WhatsApp Business API

This is like an advanced version of the WhatsApp business. Businesses can use features like chatbots, personalized messaging templates, and analytics by integrating WhatsApp with their current customer support systems thanks to the API.


How secure are my conversations with people? This is one major concern of some people, but you need not worry about security when using Whatsapp business. The WhatsApp business provides end-to-end encryption for all your messages. This means that your messages are secured.

Benefits of using Whatsapp for business

Build Trust

It's impossible to keep or retain customers who don't trust your business. WhatsApp Business app isn't just a tool for business communication, it's also a tool that helps you build trust with your customers.

One of the most important factors in business to customers relationships is trust, when your customers don't trust your brand you are likely to lose them to your competitors.

One of WhatsApp's business features is End-to-end encryption, which allows customers to feel safe when communicating with you. Quality ratings; are determined by customers' feedback such as reporting issues.


WhatsApp business is a cost-effective way to communicate with your clients. Sending a regular text message can cost you a lot of money but with WhatsApp business, all you need is an internet connection to effectively communicate with your customers and clients without an additional cost attached to it.

Reach a Wide Range of people

WhatsApp businesses can get up to 98% open rate and 60% click-through rate, according to a study.

It's a real-time communication channel, while you are busy attending to emails, it checks and responds to incoming messages immediately. This gives you more opportunities to reach a large number of people in a couple of minutes without having to manually text them. Imagine having to manually chat 254 numbers of clients, that's a lot of work. The WhatsApp business saves you that stress

Customer Engagement

WhatsApp business can be used to effectively engage with your customers which can lead to increased customer loyalty and trust.

You can send messages to your customers and respond to their questions concerning either your products and services or any products other queries they might have in mind. Thereby providing them with the information they need.

This is an effective way to build a B2C relationship. You can also decide to lessen the workload of manually texting them back and setting messages or quick Replies to FAQs.

International Audience

With WhatsApp business, you can reach a large number of people regardless of their country. You are free to message people across the globe. This can be very useful if you have customers based abroad in different countries around the globe. You can also send messages to them according to the language they speak.

Multimedia messages

If you want to showcase your product and services, WhatsApp business has made it easier to showcase your product and services through photos and videos which is a great way to engage clients visually.

You can also decide to use voice chat or video chat to connect and communicate with your customers and clients in a more personal way.

Group Messaging

Groups are a great way to communicate with multiple people at the same time.

You can create a group to enable your audience to gain access to updates and any promotions on your products and services. This is very useful especially if you want to create a community around your brand.

Collect Subscribers

Collect Subscribers using QR codes. For example, you can print your QR code on a poster and encourage them to scan them if they want to subscribe and keep in touch with you through WhatsApp messages.

This is an easy way to make potential customers. Also, you can decide to include a QR code on a poster and place it in the shipping boxes, when your customers get their orders they can decide to start a direct chat with you by scanning it if they have any issues, complaints, or feedback concerning the products.

Integration with other tools

WhatsApp Business can be integrated with other tools like CRM systems which help to streamline your communication with your customers. You can use it to send automated messages and quick replies to customers.

Chapter 2: Setting Up Whatsapp for Business

Downloading and installing Whatsapp for Business

Here are steps to downloading and installing WhatsApp for business.

Check device Compatibility

Before downloading WhatsApp, you need to check if it's compatible with your device. WhatsApp business runs on and is compatible with Android devices, and iPhones running on iOS.

Download and Install 

Go to Google play store or Apple play store and search for 'Whatsapp business' then click on the download button.

Once the app has been downloaded, click on the install button to install the app or follow the instructions on your screen to install the app on your device.

Open and Verify

Open the app once it has been installed and provide your business phone case you already have regular WhatsApp, you can't use the same phone number you use for the regular WhatsApp for business WhatsApp. You will need to buy a new phone number or landline phone number.

Once you have provided your business phone number, you will be prompted to verify it. Follow the steps provided, and you will be sent a verification code through SMS or phone call, all you need to do is to input the code on the box provided and your phone number is Verified. Make sure you input the correct code.

Set up profile

You have verified your phone number, it's time to set up your profile. This includes adding, a business name, pictures, business description, and other information.

Once you are done you can now start using your WhatsApp for business. You can now start messaging your customers, providing support, creating groups, etc.

Here are some tips to note:

  • Make sure you have a fast and reliable internet connection.

  • Utilize the WhatsApp features provided such as automated messages and quick Replies to save time.

  • Respond to customers in a timely and calm manner, so as to build an effective B2C relationship.

  • Use WhatsApp group chat to send messages to multiple people at once. Here you can provide updates on your products and services and also run some promotions.

  • Keep your account and profile updated always.

Setting up your business profile


Your profile is the first thing people see when they want to message you, so it's important to set it up for effective business communication and marketing.

Here are the steps to set up your profile.

Download and Install the App

Before you can start setting up your business profile, you need to download and install the app. To do this first and foremost check your device for compatibility with the app if your device is compatible with the app, then hover over to your Google play store or Apple play store to download the app.

Search for the app in the search box provided, most times it might be in the recommendation apps on your play store simply click on it and download. If it's not on the recommended apps on your play store simply start by searching for the app on the search box provided, type 'Whatsapp business' and the app will show up, click on the download button to download the app. Once it has been downloaded click on the install button or you can follow the instructions on your screen to install the app.

Once the app has been installed, you will need to verify your phone number, by providing the verification code sent to your phone number via SMS or phone call.

Go to Settings

Once your phone number has been verified go over to your settings. There you can set up your business profile.

To do this, hover over Setting tap on WhatsApp Business, and select "Business Setting" You can add information about your business here.

Business name: When adding a business name, make sure it's something you or your business is well known for. Add a name that reflects your brand and is easily recognizable by your customers.

Profile picture: This can be your logo, industry event picture, product picture, or picture of your storefront. Remember your profile picture sends information about your business to your audience, these are representative of your business.

Make sure your profile picture is not blurry and not gotten online, let it be original and not faked.

Address: For customers to find you when they need you, you need to add your business address. If you don't have a physical location you can add your website address.

About Section

Here you can give detailed information about your business. This includes information you want your customers to know, such as hours of operation, description, and products and services.

Use Automated messages

These are seen in welcome and thank you messages. They can be used to message customers when they text you for the first time. To set up automated messages, go to, 'Settings' click on Away message or Greeting message then set up how you want it to be.

Quick Replies

These are pre-written messages, they help you respond to customers on time. To set up Quick Replies, go to 'Settings' and click on Quick Replies to edit and add the message you want.

Verifying your business account

Verification of your business account is the very first step to creating a successful WhatsApp business account. Without verifying your account, you can't access the features within WhatsApp business.

Here are ways to verify your business account:

Open your WhatsApp

Open your WhatsApp business account on your mobile device, and navigate through the profile. Click on the menu button.

Then hover over 'Business Setting' then click on 'Profile'. Right in the business profile setting, click on the 'Verify' button located next to your phone number for the verification process.

Verification Process

Once you have clicked on the verify button located next to your phone number, you will need to select the verification method that will be convenient for you. Remember while doing this make sure your internet connection is fast and reliable because this could delay the verification process.

WhatsApp has two verification methods:

SMS Verification Method: Here you will receive an SMS in the phone number you provided. The SMS contains your verification code, enter it in the verification box provided.

Phone Call verification method: You can choose this method if you are unable to receive SMS from WhatsApp due to network issues or any other issues. WhatsApp will call you and provide you with the verification code. Before choosing the phone call method make sure you have a pen and paper beside you to write it down as they are calling it or better still you can input it right away to your phone.

After entering the code on the provided 'Enter Code' space your account will automatically be verified.

Wait For the Verification process

Once you have entered the code, you have to wait for a couple of minutes or hours depending on the volume of verification requests being received.

Start Using Whatsapp business 

Once your account has been verified, you can go over to the business setting to complete your profile by providing some relevant information that will tell customers about your business and also serves as a guide to clients who wish to know more about your products and services.

It's important to note that not all businesses will be verified by WhatsApp. WhatsApp only verifies businesses that meet their guidelines and standards. This doesn't mean you can't use Whatsapp business if your business isn't verified, you can still use Whatsapp business but you won't have access to some features as a verified account does.

Verification of your account is very important to building trust and loyalty from your customers.

Adding business details such as location, website, and description

You can't live in an unroofed house, or Can You? In this same way, you won't want to build trust and establish a professional online presence while your WhatsApp business account profile is lacking vital information.

What happens when you lack some vital or important nutrients in your body? The doctor obviously will prescribe you to take some vitamins and place you on some diets to gain back those nutrients because they are essential for your well-being. Add information like your business location, description, website, products, and services that are essential for your online presence.

Come to think of it, how would customers be able to find and connect with your business or brand if it's missing some vital information? Here are some ways to add this information to your WhatsApp business account.

Open your Business Account 

Open the WhatsApp business app on your settings click on your profile the on the icon that looks like a pen next to the business address.

Edit your business address by inputting the correct location. If you don't have a physical location you can simply input your website address as shown in the image above.

Edit Business Description

To enable your customers to understand you better, you need to add a brief description of your business. To do this, in the Business Settings, hover over to the 'About and Phone number ' section and click on it, there you can add a brief information about your business.

Make it engaging and avoid the use of jargon in your description.

Chapter 3: Utilizing Whatsapp for Business

Understanding the different types of communication on Whatsapp

As you already know WhatsApp is a very powerful and popular messaging app that allows you to communicate with people in real time. It has become a popular way for people to reach out to friends and families in a distant country. It doesn't only have a User-friendly interface but also it's cost-effective and convenient to use.

In this section we are going to explore the various types of communication that take place on WhatsApp they include:

Group Chat

This is one of the popular types of communication on WhatsApp, where a group of individuals comes together to create a group where they share common goals, views, etc.

Group Chat can contain up to 259 people, it allows multiple chats at once and members can share images, Gifs, Videos, and also documents. Group Chat can be used by an organization to organize events, discuss a company's project, or any issues in the organization. It can also be a way of sharing updates, news, etc. People can keep connected with their friends or business partners.

One-to-One Chat

It is the most common and popular type of communication across all social media platforms. Users can private message each other, share files, images, videos, and documents, and stay connected.

For business owners, this type of communication is a great way for building mutual relationships with your clients or customers.

Broadcast message

This is essentially useful for sending messages to large numbers of people without them knowing who else received them.

Unlike group Chat, once a message is sent people in the group know that everyone in the group would see the message and react to it, but in broadcast, messages are sent to recipients without them knowing who else got the information, and messages sent cannot be replied hence these messages aren't interactive.

This type of communication is used to send announcements or news to a large group of people.

Videos and Voice calls

These are very useful methods of communication. This type of communication enables users to have real-time communication with their friends and families. You can make phone calls and video calls with each other.

This feature is cost-effective and free, imagine having to make free international calls to a distant friend, or relative that lives in another country.

Using Whatsapp for customer support

Like I said earlier in this article, customers love and expect instant replies to their questions or complaints, they hate it when they are ignored or when it takes forever to get a reply.

As the third most used social media platform besides Facebook and YouTube with over two billion users Whatsapp has proven to be the most popular app for getting in touch with your customers. Most companies make use of this platform to provide efficient customer support.

Here are ways you use Whatsapp for Customers support:

Complete your Business profile 

Before getting started on providing the best, quick, and most efficient customer support, your WhatsApp business must include the necessary details that make it easier for profitable clients to connect or contact you.

This provides credibility and gains the trust of your customers.

Make them Know

Make customers know they can connect with you on WhatsApp, a sure way to do that is by reaching out to them individually, by adding a click-to-chat link on your website or even Page, or through QR codes.

As illustrated before in this article, you can create a QR code and place it in the product's packaging or on your business cards. Customers can scan it to get connected with you.

Auto response

You can't always reach out to your customers at all times, that's why WhatsApp includes these features to help you send automated messages to your customers especially when you aren't available to communicate with them. This is better than leaving your customers waiting for a response.

You can also set your automated messages to greet customers, and send quick Replies to a query.

Engage With Customers after a sale

Try staying in touch with your customers after they might have purchased from you. Through Their purchase history, you can send them personalized product recommendations based on their previous purchase.

Integration with a CRM system

Integration with your CRM system, and other messaging or customer support channels gives you a full understanding of who your customer is. With your CRM system, you can send them personalized messages using their name.

Collect customers feedback

Customer feedback is simply the Insights, ideas, or even complaints shared by your customers or audience about their experience, or expectations with your products, and services, company service. This type of feedback helps a company to improve customers' experience thereby empowering positive changes in their business.

Delaying or ignoring customer feedback can reduce your company's credibility and customers' trust in your brand. Make it a mandate to always reach out to your customers and find out what they are saying concerning your company, products, and services. This leads to the great success of your business.

Handle Questions

With WhatsApp business, you can attend to customers' queries, complaints, and feedback. To build a professional online presence, your business should be ready to answer customers' queries, be it a problem, an issue with a product, customer service, or an inquiry. Never leave any customer query unattended and unanswered.

To effectively manage and handle customer queries or complaints. Make sure your website, contact Us section, Facebook Business Page, and all your social media channels have your WhatsApp business line attached to it.

Benefits of Using Whatsapp for Customers support:

1. Easy to use

WhatsApp is very easy to use, customers can contact us, send you messages, and expect a response without stress. WhatsApp has a User-friendly interface, it is built in a simple way, and there isn't any hassle trying to understand its makeup.

2. Quick response 

This platform is loaded with a lot of features that are intended to improve your customers' business relationships. With its Quick Replies features, customers won't have to wait longer before they get a response to their questions.

3. Engagement

Imaged, Videos, Gifs, are ways to engage with your customers in a personalized and interactive way. You can also send promotional messages, product updates, event notifications, and many other marketing messages related to your company. This gains you the loyalty of your customers and also Increases sales.

4. Cost-effective

When talking about one of the most cost-effective platforms for customer support WhatsApp is on the top list. All you need is an internet connection and your smartphone to get things done in a twinkle of an eye. It saves you a lot of money and still provides excellent customer service.

Using Whatsapp for sales and marketing

Using Whatsapp for sales and business promotion is called WhatsApp marketing.

This channel is a must-have for both small, medium, and big organizations. It allows you to stay in touch and builds engagement with your customers.

Think of using Whatsapp for sales and marketing as a Golden opportunity to offer personalized service to your audience and also improve your business marketing strategy. You don't need to leave alone this golden opportunity; it's time to follow suit with other companies.

Here are some benefits of using Whatsapp for sales and marketing:

High Conversion Rate

You won't want to be sending emails, and messages across social media platforms to customers that will only be left unattended. Most businesses say that customers attend about 40% of their WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp marketing helps to boost your conversion. Once a customer opens your message and reads them they might likely be interested in your business and decide to contact you.

Fast Messaging

This messaging app makes it possible to respond to and communicate with your clients in real-time. It makes communication easier and faster. You can provide support, respond to customers' queries, and run promotions efficiently, effectively, and quickly without hassle.

High Open Rate

Messages on Whatsapp have a high Open rate of over 90%. This means that when sending a message to a customer, you are sure that your target audience will see and read your message, and they may likely respond creating a chance of conversion or sales of a product.

To allow you to reach as many audiences as you can think of. It works like magic for the sales of products. You can send promotional messages, product updates, upcoming events, etc. Which can help to increase customers' engagement, loyalty and drive sales.

Lower Marketing Cost

This channel is very affordable and cost-effective, all you need to get started is an internet connection which you already have.

Unlike other social media platforms where you need to pay money to run ads so you could reach a wider audience, here you only need an internet connection to make the magic happen. No additional cost whatsoever, and neither is there any setup cost for anything.

Increased Engagement

WhatsApp has around 70% more engagement than Facebook. By using it to drive sales you can create engagement with your audience.

You can use it to gather feedback and insights from your audience which will also help you improve your marketing strategy.


Having looked at the benefits, let's look at how you can drive sales with WhatsApp.


To drive sales on WhatsApp you need to notify your customers of any updates, promotions, and offers on your company. You can make use of the WhatsApp template for sending notifications. They are already built, you will just need to personalize them and fill them with details about your company.

The template has a CTA button that helps to take your customers to the products page or website.

Build Catalogue

This acts as your storefront that you can use to showcase your products and services to potential customers. It's a more convenient way to showcase your product than having to send them privately to your customers repetitively when communicating with them. While building your catalog you can also add the pricing for the products or services, the product name, and a brief description of the product.

Share Engaging and insightful content

If you have your customers' trust and loyalty, trust me, the sky will be your limit. But if you haven't you'll need to provide them with insightful, and valuable content to gain their trust.

Sharing engaging, insightful content on your industry makes you an expert in that industry. Of course, your customers see you that way, it gives you authority in your area of expertise and makes your customers believe you care about them and their interests. Once a customer needs something like a product or service, your company will be the first thing to come to their mind, and they will immediately reach out to you, simply because you have earned their trust and loyalty.

Using Whatsapp Web for seamless communication

WhatsApp Web is a web-based version of WhatsApp. It was built to allow users to access their WhatsApp on their desktop or laptop. It enables you to communicate effectively with your customers as you would on a mobile device. You don't need to switch between devices to do one or two things, everything that you need is available, it offers the same seamless communication that the WhatsApp app offers. You can effectively send images, and videos, and make voice or video calls without switching devices.

The benefits of WhatsApp Web Include the following:

1. Multiple device support

This means you can access your WhatsApp both on your personal computer and on your smartphone at the same time. Isn't that great?

WhatsApp Web gives users the flexibility of choosing and using the web browser of their choice to stay connected with their clients, families, and friends.

2. Easy to use

The same hassle-free experience that you get from using Whatsapp on your smartphone, is the same experience you are going to get while using Whatsapp on your laptop. You don't need any additional software to access your account, nor do you need any additional plugins, all you need to do is to go to the WhatsApp web website and scan the QR with your smartphone, and boom! You have been successfully linked to your account.

3. Synced Message

WhatsApp Web synced messages, this means that you can start a conversation on your WhatsApp web and continue with it on your smartphone in real time or it can be the other way round; you can start on your smartphone and continue in real time with your computer. Messages sent or received on WhatsApp web are synced to your smartphone.

4. Boost Productivity 

You don't have to switch between devices while using Whatsapp web. Users can stay connected with friends, families, colleagues, clients, etc. respond to messages and share and receive Important files between one another.

The WhatsApp web provides seamless communication and user experience making it easier to stay connected with your customers and boost productivity without having to switch In between devices.

Whatsapp Business API and how to use it

I'm sure you might have heard of WhatsApp Business API, but do you know what WhatsApp Business API is?

In this section, we will be exploring what WhatsApp Business API is and how it works.

What is Whatsapp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API is another version of WhatsApp that enables businesses to communicate effectively with their customers at a large scale including automated messages, chatbots, and message templates.

It is an application programming software that has no front-end interface or app. It is designed for medium-sized companies and large companies that have a large user base.

You should also note that for starters WhatsApp API isn't free, you need to apply for an account and get approved before you can begin using this software. WhatsApp API cannot be gotten directly, you need to rely on the business partners WhatsApp has already teamed up to help you. Here is a link to the WhatsApp business partners. You might be thinking why can't it be possible to get this WhatsApp API directly? Well according to a study WhatsApp has over 2 billion users across the world and it can't risk it from spammers. It gives them control over countries with access to API.

To get started with WhatsApp API you will need to follow these steps:

1. Apply For a Business Account

You will need to contact WhatsApp for the business solution provided. They are assigned to help you set up your WhatsApp business account. They are there to guide you through the whole process and also get you started with the API.

2. Verification

Once you have completed the application process, it's verification time! Whatsapp will verify the business that it is operating in the country where WhatsApp is available, meets the Facebook Business standards, and is also registered.

3. Set Up Your Account

Once the verification process is done and dusted, you will have to set up your WhatsApp business account. This process involves creating your business name, filling out the necessary details about your business, setting up business templates, and configuration of chatbots.

4. Integration

It's time to integrate your API. Once your account has been set up, your provider will help with the integration of WhatsApp API into their customers' communication channels.

Benefits of Whatsapp Business API

Lower cost

WhatsApp API enables you to communicate with your customers for free or at a lower cost.

Message template 

You can utilize the template already pre-approved by WhatsApp to communicate with your clients. The only thing you need to do is to edit it and place some necessary information about your business.


Chatbots are there to help you respond to customers' queries easily and quickly. You can automate most messages thereby saving you some hassle and stress.

Customer engagement

Engagement has never been easier with WhatsApp API, it lets you communicate effectively with your customers and provide them with the necessary information they need.

We'll update this guide each month over the next six months to provide a fully comprehensive guide to using Whatsapp for business, so do check back regularly for more help and tips as we publish them.

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