What’s In My Gym Bag: Kym Johnson of ‘Dancing With the Stars’


We’re taking a peek inside our favorite health and fitness experts’ gym bags to uncover their must-have gear and favorite products.

Name: Kym Johnson, founder of 5678Fitness, judge on Dancing With the Stars Australia, and two-time winner of the U.S. version of Dancing With the Stars

My workout: FITMIX, a Pilates endurance studio, and I do my own workout at home — jump rope, TheraBand, and core exercises, but my favorite is dancing and Pilates. I do at least half an hour of cardio and toning each day. I also have my own 5678Fitness dance workout routine that I do, which is on my new DVD.

What’s in my gym bag:

  1. Jump rope: When I’m traveling a lot, this is great for a hotel workout.

  2. Headphones: I love to listen to music while I’m working out. It makes the time go by faster.

  3. TheraBand: Once again I love those hotel workouts.

  4. Workout gear from Carbon38: I can always find great clothes from them.

  5. Nike sneakers: They’re the best!

  6. Dumbbells

  7. iPhone: I always listen to music on it!


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