What's going on with Apple's new iMac accessories?

 M3 iMac.
M3 iMac.

This week was a big one for Mac fans, with Apple announcing new, M3-powered versions of both its MacBook Pro and iMac. The latter, being a desktop computer, comes with a keyboard and mouse as standard – but users are somewhat baffled to discover that they're still charged via Lightning, which Apple recently (begrudgingly) replaced in favour of USB-C across the iPhone line up.

The Magic Mouse 2 (still one of Apple's most egregious design crimes) and Magic Keyboard still feature a Lightning port, which seems pretty out of place seeing as Apple has already begun updating other accessories, such as the AirPods charging case) to USB-C. It means some Mac users will, frustratingly, need to continue carrying more than one charging cable.

In a move that many have speculated is designed to shift existing inventory, Apple has made the somewhat bizarre decision to keep shipping the mouse and keyboard with Lightning – leading to outcry on Twitter (sorry, X):

Thanks to EU law, Apple was finally forced to adopt USB-C with the iPhone 15 line up. But it seems said law doesn't apply to keyboards and mice – or at least doesn't yet. With Apple swiftly updating AirPods and EarPods to USB-C, and discontinuing several Lightning products including the MagSafe Battery Pack and MagSafe Duo, it seemed the company was keen to make a quick transition. But with the iMac unlikely to get an update for another couple of years, an entire Apple USB-C ecosystem probably isn't on the horizon.

This isn't the first somewhat baffling decision we've seen from Apple regarding accessories. In what could be interpreted similarly as an inventory-based move, the 10th generation iPad only supported the rather dated first generation Apple Pencil at launch last year.