What Your Wedding Dress Fabric Says About You

by Jessica Hagy, BRIDES

Style is one of the fastest ways to express your personality and point of view, and no ensemble says more about a woman than her wedding dress. This beloved gown is the manifestation of a lady’s voice, dreams, tastes, and confidence—all zipped up into one pretty, little ivory package.

If you’ve ever wondered what your wedding dress says about you, here’s a cheeky take on how your gown’s fabric might relate to your personality…

Structured Satin
Ah, the traditionalist. You’ve never met an etiquette book and you’ve incorporated almost every wedding tradition known to man into your special day. Your classic bridal look will stand the test of time, and we know you’ll get those beautiful, monogrammed thank-you notes out in record-breaking time. (Stop making the rest of us look bad, please.)

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Flirty, feminine, and easy-going, you’re a social butterfly with a penchant for easy-breezy style. While you’re not opposed to bare feet, but also know your way around Bloomingdale’s better than most…


Birthdays, bachelorettes, St.Patrick’s Day—in your eyes, all celebrations are cause for two things: tiaras and glitter. Your family calls you “princess” for a reason, and there’s no way anyone’s stopping you from donning your dreamy tulle ball gown on your big day.

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Hey there, you romantic little bride! We know where to find you on any given Sunday: snooping through vintage dresses at the local flea market. Your nostalgia-loving heart has spent its whole life in search of your very own Mr. Darcy, and now that you’ve got him you’ll be rocking that Victorian lace so effortlessly it would make Jane Austen weep.

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