What Your Lipstick Says About Your Personality

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A new study shows how lipstick can influence public perception. (Photo: Henry Leutwyler)

We all understand the value of a first impression, but a new study has found that the specific cosmetics we wear can impact the way people judge a woman’s attractiveness, personality, and abilities, both consciously and unconsciously.

CoverGirl surveyed 1,000 women to look at how various lipstick colors can influence public perception. Who knew that a quick swipe of lipstick had so much power? This new research proves that with the right cosmetics on-hand you can not only express your personality but alter the way the world views you. Whether you wear red, nude, plum, or pink lipstick, let’s see how each shade pans out.


Women who wear red lipstick are viewed as bold go-getters.

Red lipstick
It may come as no surprise that women who choose red are perceived as more creative, daring, and driven. They post the most selfies per week and own the most heels (nine pairs). Those who wear red are also more willing to go on a date with someone the met online, may have had a one-night stand in the past year, are most likely to be found at a bar on a Saturday night, and are more likely to have exercised over five times in the past week. If you haven’t worn red lipstick in the past, it may be worth taking for a test drive.


Women who wear pink are often perceived as outgoing and pretty.

Pink lipstick
Ladies who wear this feminine shade are viewed as more sociable, fun-loving, and attractive.  Instead of going out on a Saturday night, you may find pink lipstick-wearers curled up on the couch watching a movie or Netflix. And senior-level executives are more likely to own at least one shade of pink lipstick. Looks like that sociable perception can take you far.
Bright pinks are very on-trend for spring, and there are so many varying hues in the market, from semi-sheer to opaque, cool to warm toned, glossy to matte finish.


If plum lipstick is your favorite shade, you may be viewed as independent and refined. 

Plum lipstick
This shade isn’t in every woman’s makeup bag, which is why plum lipstick-wearers are perceived as more independent, cultured, and refined. They also have a reputation of being dependable and reliable, as well as ambitious. They, too, prefer a Saturday night in. From rusty wine-colored shades to more rich berries, plum is wearable on a wide variety of skin tones.


Women who prefer nude lipstick are seen as sweet and reliable.

Nude lipstick
Hot off the runways, natural-colored lipsticks are widely popular and flattering to wear day and night. And that’s a good thing, because wearers are deemed more warm, caring, sweet, dependable, and pretty. Junior-level employees are more likely to wear nude or plum lipstick, and those who prefer nude shades enjoy a night in. Like red lipstick-wearers, they are more open to finding love (or a hot date) online.

This new research also found that lipstick is also revealing of your lifestyle habits. When examining how often women reach for their favorite tubes, you can apparently tell a lot about the way we all lead our lives.

• Women who wear lipstick at least four days a wear are more confident (93%) than those who wear it under three times a week (86%)
• 73% of those who wear lipstick are typically “in the know” about pop culture
• Employed women who wear lipstick regularly are more than twice as likely (34%) as those who wear it less often (16%) to hold a senior position at work 

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