This Really Works: Microcurrent Facials


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There are many innovations happening in beauty right now. I’m fascinated by treatments that can keep you looking great, but won’t alter the way you look. Some treatments like injectibles alter the face and look unnatural over time, but others like lasers really do make you look younger. On Yahoo Beauty, we want to find out really works when it comes to beauty—what is worth the investment and what’s not. So after hearing a lot of buzz about microcurrent facials, I decided to try out two. Here’s my report back:

Custom Facial by Shellie Goldstein
Yahoo Health’s Editor in Chief Michele Promaulayko raved about Shellie’s customized facials. Shellie stands out because she is both an acupuncturist and a facialist so she offers a holistic approach to skincare. She can use both acupuncture and microcurrents to lift sagging facial muscles, increase circulation, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. On me, Shellie begins by massaging the face to lift skin. She added microdermabrasion for a deep exfoliation. It only takes a few minutes and feels like a little vacuum on the skin. Next she used a microcurrent, a low-level electric current to tighten and stimulate facials muscles. Halfway through the facial, Shellie sat me up to show me the difference between the side that had the microcurrent treatment and the side that didn’t. I was blown away by. The side she had treated looked tighter and more lifted than the other side. While the effects aren’t permanent, Shellie says that continued treatments will train the muscles to stay lifted. A great benefit to working with Shellie is she is a trained acupuncturist, so if you want to tackle other issues like weight, allergies, or general health, she can do an acupuncture treatment on your body, while you are having the facial. I walked out with tight, radiant skin feeling totally relaxed from the acupuncture.

Triple Crown Facial By Joanna Vargas
Joanna Vargas works with stars like Naomi Watts, Julianne Moore, and Karlie Kloss at her beautiful Fifth Avenue studio. Her most popular treatment is the Triple Crown Facial which reduces puffiness, lifts skin, and leaves a glow. She starts with a diamond peel to exfoliate and reveal new skin. She then lifts and sculpts using a microcurrent. It’s a different type than Shellie uses but the sensation is the same, just a mild electric current. I’m so impressed by how tight the skin is immediately after the procedure, you can actually see the change. Like Shellie, Joanna says that the microcurrent’s sculpting effect can last, but it needs to be done regularly every month. Finally a blast of pure oxygen along with customized serums and creams leave skin looking incredible. Unlike other facials that leave you looking red, your skin looks truly amazing immediately after.


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