What I’m Loving Now

·Editor in Chief

February is one hot month, with the Grammys, the Oscars, New York Fashion Week, Chinese New Year, and a happy birthday to Honest Abe Lincoln and George Washington. February is about celebrating all things love. Here is what I’m loving now:

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I fell in love with makeup early on. I’m inspired by everything about it, from introducing new products to creating unique looks for real women. I feel so lucky to do what I do.

I am really enjoying this new challenge of being the editor in chief of Yahoo Beauty. My work here happens to be my passion. Reporting on the newest treatments, sharing simple how-tos, and breaking down the makeup on the red carpet have been highlights for me. It has been an honor and a joy to interview great women such as Olivia Munn, Jen Aniston, Cate Blanchett, and Jen Garner, to name a few. This month, Connie Britton and I discovered that we share the philosophy that getting older is OK if you are positive and healthy and, frankly, don’t look in the mirror that much. It’s a sentiment that Halle Berry agreed with. I look forward to continuing to profile and interview smart, strong women.

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I adore the people on my Yahoo Beauty team. They are cool, talented, and passionate about covering all things beauty. I always look forward to hearing their take on trends, what inspires them, and their work highlights. Tara just had the opportunity through Hugo Boss to interview a few players at the Super Bowl — she is still smiling. Joanna went to a recent beauty event and found herself seated next to Stella McCartney. Alex has been getting clever makeup tips from beauty experts like Gucci Westman, Nick Barose, and Dick Page. Sara just got the inside scoop on Scandal from Katie Lowes, who plays Quinn Perkins. A recent story by our newest team member, Noël, highlighting some unsettling sorority beauty standards was one of our most-commented-on stories ever. Cisco has been busy selecting all the gorgeous images you see on the site — and getting a kick out of being the solo guy on our team.

Of course, I especially love my family. It was definitely love at first sight when I met my husband more than 27 years ago. I won’t gush about my three boys, but as all moms know, there’s no one better to fill your heart than your kids.

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Finally, thanks to you all for telling me what you loved — and what you didn’t — these past few months. Keep your comments coming. We love to hear from you.

Happy February!