Passenger Shamed for Putting Bare Feet on Airplane Armrest


A woman traveling on a four-hour flight was seated in front of this. (Photo: Wu/Weibo)

We’ve all seen someone do it: take off their shoes and socks — or worse, kick off their grimy flip-flops — on the plane. If you’re extremely unlucky, they’ll put those bare feet up on your armrest. That’s what happened to one passenger on an AirAsia flight from Bankgok to Xi’an recently.

The offended passenger, Ms. Wu, complained to the flight attendant, but was told that nothing could be done, and so the feet remained in her face for most of the four-hour flight. She told the Beijing Youth Daily, “[The woman’s bare feet] draped over my arm and I couldn’t eat or drink and became constrained throughout the voyage. She was also chatting very loudly, it was so inconvenient.”

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Ms. Wu posted these photos to Chinese social media, where most agreed this was inappropriate airplane behavior. (Photo: Wu/Weibo)

When she got home, Ms. Wu posted pictures of the situation on Chinese social media, so you can see for yourself the extent of the foot faux pas.

This behavior is certainly not appropriate, but is at least slightly better than allowing your child to pee in an airsickness bag), opening the emergency exit, and letting children poop on the seat.

What would you have done?

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