New ‘Westworld’ Photos Tease Even More Aaron Paul (PureWow)

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

HBO just dropped five new photos from the upcoming episode of Westworld, and it looks like Caleb (Aaron Paul) is in over his head, thanks to Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood).

The network just gave fans a first look at this Sunday’s episode, titled “Passed Pawn.” While last week’s episode focused on Dolores, Maeve (Thandie Newton) and Serac (Vincent Cassel), it appears the next installment will revolve around Dolores bringing Caleb to the Delos lab for the very first time.

We know, this has disaster written all over it. But we could be wrong. Four out of the five photos feature Caleb, which leads us to believe that episode seven will further explore the character’s backstory ahead of next week’s season finale. So, Caleb is probably safe (for one more episode, at least).

As for the pics, we’ll start with this totally unrelated photo of Bernard (Jeffrey Wright).

The next photo shows Caleb and Dolores overlooking the Delos laboratory.

Another one features Caleb appearing distraught as he navigates the lab. More flashbacks, perhaps?

We’re just waiting for someone to catch them.

The last photo shows Caleb standing in what appears to be the plains of Westworld, and we’d do anything for a glimpse at Dolores’s master plan.

The fact that the episode is called “Passed Pawn” speaks volumes.

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