We're Calling It—This Is the Kitchen Sink Everyone Is Going to Want This Year

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The Top 3 Kitchen Sink Styles for Your RemodelCourtesy of HGTV

Around this time of the year, it's hard to fight the urge to change everything in your home. But before you imagine a full renovation, why not start with a small change to the heart of your home? Experts predict that many homeowners will switch up their kitchen by investing in a new sink. While this doesn't sound like the most exciting renovation project, it is a low-lift fix that will benefit your cooking routine in the long run.

Maybe your kitchen has seen a handful of new gadgets and appliances that support your cooking needs, but your sink's design should reflect what you do once the pots and pans pile up. Do you load everything into the dishwasher? Or do you love the rhythm of hand-washing and drying dishes? No matter what your preference is, we the tapped experts to share the top kitchen sink designs that will inspire you to rethink that post-meal routine. Once you're set with a sink, learn more about the kitchen trends you can bring to your home in 2023, here.

A Workstation Sink

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Prepare to roll up your sleeves! Moen's trend and design lead Jessie Birchfield says,"We are seeing a rise in workstation sinks that maximize space, while also speeding up productivity and clean up time through the integration of colanders and cutting boards. This trend of increased flexibility and functionality at the sink will expand into the future."

Benefits of a Workstation Sink:

  • Allows you to work directly over your sink to contain mess.

  • Modular setup allows for multiple functions (drying rack, chopping, or colander).

  • Perfect for extending counters in smaller kitchens

  • Limits cross-contamination for sanitary meal prep.

An Alternative Material Sink

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If you're looking for a bespoke feel that stands out in the sea of stainless steel, alternative materials will allow you to express your style. According to interior designer Kate Marker, “Choosing a sink material that is a unique material rather than a typical stainless steel or cast iron, can add interest as well as give your kitchen the aesthetic you've been looking for!" she explains. "In this kitchen, we used a concrete sink by Native Trails to complement the clean modern yet natural vibe our clients hoped for."

Birchfield agrees, pointing out that fireclay and granite selections have been on the rise as they offer more warmth or a sense of nostalgia to the kitchen space. "White fireclay apron front sinks have been on the rise offering a charming statement piece. We love seeing designers juxtapose this vintage sink aesthetic into contemporary spaces to create a curated look and feel," Birchfield says.

Benefits of Using Alternative Materials:

  • The glazed finish is highly resistant to scratches, chips, heat, and stains.

  • Fire clay sinks are made of 100% eco-friendly, lead-free materials.

  • Granite is high quality but low maintenance.

  • Fire clay is a long-lasting solution for busy kitchen lifestyles.

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Single-Bowl Sinks

Holding onto the nostalgia of a double bowl sink? Your dishwasher isn't! For the hostess who entertains guests regularly, deep single-bowl sinks are great for kitchen items that can't fit into the dishwasher. "A single bowl sink offers more counter space and extra room in the sink to clean large pots and pans," says Marker.

Benefits of Single-Bowl Sinks

  • Thoughtful option for small-space kitchens.

  • Easier to soak pots and pans.

  • Cost-efficient upgrade and simple installation process.

  • Available in deep basin options—you can conceal dishes waiting to be washed.

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