What went wrong in Washington

Late on Thursday afternoon, the Washington Post released a bombshell report in which 15 former female employees of the Washington football franchise spoke about a culture of verbal abuse and sexual harassment that went largely unpunished, compounded by a seemingly nonexistent human resources department.

Video Transcript

TEREZ PAYLOR: There were people saying things like that's it. And at the end of the day, guys, it's really important that we remember that the "Washington Post" just reported that 15 women who work for the team have alleged sexual harassment by former scouts and members of his inner-- Dan Snyder's inner circle-- 15.




TEREZ PAYLOR: That's a lot, and I'm going to run through it because I'm-- let's just run through that very quickly, right?


TEREZ PAYLOR: The club's director of pro personnel at the time was accused by six former employees and two reporters who covered the team of making inappropriate remarks about their bodies and asking if they were romantically interested in him. There was an executive who told a female employee that he and his colleagues debated whether her breasts, had been surgically enhanced. There was one executive who implored female staff on the sales team to wear low-cut blouses, tight skirts, and flirt with wealthy suite holders. He was fired in 2013 for selling access to cheerleaders. And one executive routinely berated a subordinate for trivial problems like printer malfunctions while also complimenting her body. And, finally, Snyder repeatedly mocked a male executive for having been a cheerleader in college and even ordered him to do cartwheels.

Now, one thing that I've seen people point out-- because we're going to get to this. I think this is interesting, right? Is this enough to get Dan Snyder ousted? Because it's an embarrassment, yes. This is an embarrassing look for an NFL organization. The shield, we talk so much about that, right? But it also doesn't make any specific allegations against Snyder in regards to sexual harassment.

However, I'm sure you'll agree with this. I think we probably agree that, at the very least, considering how involved he is with that club, it's an indictment on the culture that he's responsible for. And considering most of these women had nondisclosure agreements, almost impossible-- almost impossible for him not to have known, right?

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