We went to one of the world's largest consumer tech shows — here's what our experts are coveting

 IFA23 entrance with large Samsung SmartThings banner
IFA23 entrance with large Samsung SmartThings banner

We spent the best part of last week combing the halls of one of the world's largest consumer tech shows, IFA 2023 in Berlin, seeing exactly what the best home appliance and smart home brands had to offer. IFA is a consumer electronics show that offers a great opportunity to see what innovations might be coming or are already here - promising to make our daily lives a little easier, more fun, or eco-friendly.

We had the chance to get 'hands-on' with several products on demo. The Shark Cordless Detect Pro was one of them, and we reported that Beko is one a mission to save us all money with our next washing machine so we managed to cover a lot of ground.

You can see our IFA Berlin 2023 pre-show predictions or scroll down to see what really impressed us in person. Of course, there's far too much to go into here, but keep an eye on the site over the coming days for product reviews, news, and more.

Samsung Food at IFA

Samsung Food

One of the biggest announcements from Samsung at IFA was the confirmation of Samsung Food and all it can do. There have been rumblings about this for a while, but now we have a better idea of what to expect.

For obvious reasons, the way to get the most out of the service is by kitting out your entire kitchen with the best ovens and other appliances from the brand, but the rest of us also have a lot to get excited about. Samsung Food allows you to save recipes in one universal format (using AI), so you're not dealing with different measurements and ingredient names.

You can then send cooking instructions directly to your smart oven (as long as it has SmartThings connectivity), and future recommendations will be based on your preferences. You can also use the app to shop for ingredients.

Switchbot's multi-purpose robo mop

Switchbot's multi-purpose robo mop

Switchbot's new multi-functional robot mop was the talk of the event, and it was even more fun seeing the vacuum do its thing in person. The Switchbot S10 is the "world's first fully automated floor cleaning robot", which not only cleans your floors but does this and more without your input.

Launching on Kickstarter this October and retailing for around $1,199.99, the S10 fills its tank from your plumbing (attachments included in the price), self-cleans its mop roller, and uses excess water to fill your humidifier - no waste. It may seem like a crazy idea, but the various tanks and docks are a reasonable size and, with the exception of the plumbing attachment that must be near a water supply, you can place them anywhere around the home.

Haier's 2-drawer dishwasher

Haier's 2-drawer dishwasher

Drawer-style dishwashers aren't brand new, but the Haier Double Drawer XDD 66E5LS impressed us with its versatility and capacity. Featuring two independent drawers, the compartments were both really deep and, according to Haier, can wash dishes separately according to specific needs. So you can put your greasy pans in one drawer and your fragile wine glasses in another.

Cleverly, you can also stop and start the cycle by simply knocking on the dishwasher, and the double-compartment design means that those with mobility issues can unpack without bending down like they'd need to for even the best dishwashers.

Beko's sub-zero fridge drawer

Beko's fresh refrigerators

We saw a lot of fridge freezer combos at IFA, including bottom units seen on some of the best french door refrigerators that could switch between the two, but what caught our eye the most was some of the technologies that Beko had packed its refrigerators with. The brand's appliances keep food fresher for longer periods in several ways, from special drawers to slightly 'out-there' tech.

HarvestFresh, for example, uses 3 color light technology to mimic the sun's cycle over 24-hours. This allegedly preserves vitamins in fruits and vegetables. EverFresh+, meanwhile, has a crisper compartment that lets you set precise temperature and humidity levels, minimizing condensation.

As mentioned above, MultiZone lets you adjust temperatures so specifically that you can actually turn your freezer into a refrigerator should you need the space.

Ninja's portable blender

Ninja's portable blender

SharkNinja had a huge presence at IFA, showing off their new Shark vacuum range and offering a fresh slate of Ninja appliances for the kitchen. Chief among these was the NinjaBlast, a high-performance cordless blender that can easily be taken on the go. The blender is small and attractive, and we had a chance to try out some fruit smoothies created with the appliance (spoiler: it was delicious!)

Being sold for $59.99 in the US, it can handle frozen ingredients and employs Ninja's BlastBlade Assembly. There's an easy-open sip-style lid that will come in handy if you're on a run (or on a packed train), and it's rechargeable via USB-C, so you won't need to pack an extra cable in the morning. It's also dishwasher safe and can self-clean in a 30-second blend cycle.