The free food feeding frenzy continues at Wendy's this week with yet another deal.

Dustin Nelson

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Credit: Edited - Courtesy of Wendy's

Wendy's has been throwing out an almost unseemly number of deals lately. There were free chicken nuggets on Friday. Then there were more free chicken nuggets through the weekend. Now, the pigtailed fast food chain has brought back a bunch of its best mobile app freebies, including a free Dave's Single with any purchase. 

"Any" purchase means you can just get fries or a soda, and they'll toss in a free burger when you order through the mobile app. It's the same deal the pigtailed chain offered in early April only it now lasts through May 3.

If you dig, there is a good pile of similar deals in the app as well. You can get a free cup of coffee with a purchase through April 24. Or, during breakfast hours, there's an offer for a free Breakfast Baconator or free Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit with any purchase. You could even take advantage of one that tosses a free kids' meal onto your order through the mobile app. All of those, with the exception of the coffee deal, last through May 3.

To snag the free food, navigate to the "Offers" tab inside the Wendy's app. You'll find cards for each of these offers and others, which you can add to your cart right from the "Offers" section. You'll need to do pickup or drive-thru because Wendy's dining rooms around the country are closed due to the COVID-19, or novel coronavirus, outbreak. 

As was the case last time Wendy's offered the free Dave's Single, you can only redeem each of these deals once during the lifespan of the deal. There's a lot of free eats there, but you aren't getting a free burger every day.

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