Wendy’s Teases Fans With Sweet and Spicy Frosty Flavor They’d ‘Love to Try’

Wendy’s Frosty drinks

Wendy's is releasing a brand new Frosty flavor, and fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

The new addition was unveiled via food blogger Snackolator in an Instagram post on Wednesday, April 24, where they uploaded a tantalizing photo of the frozen treat.

The delectable is a Mango Frosty covered in Tajin seasoning, and from the sound of the flavor profile, it's providing just the right amount of fruity sweetness while adding a hint of a spicy kick from the lime/chili pepper-based topping.

To clarify, "it's a vanilla Frosty from Wendy's that has a mango syrup," though, according to the social media upload, not actual mango-flavored ice cream.

But before fans of the icy treats get their hopes up, it should be noted that this offering is only available in the Bahamas. But with summer right around the corner, here's all the more reason to book a trip to the tropical Caribbean destination, right?

The comment section was filled to the brim with Instagrammers who declared how much they'd "love to try" the new option.

"Ppl gon [sic] love this!!" one exclaimed, while another emphasized, "WE NEED THIS IN THE U.S. IMMEDIATELY."

"Mango and cream just go together. Reminds me of a Rita's mango gelati," a third said.

On the other hand, two more people didn't seem to be fans of the flavor combo, dropping that it sounds "gross" and is a "hard pass."

The burger joint's Frosty flavors in other countries have been teasing fans of the fast food chain as of late, with several different options making waves across social media.

In March, Wendy's Philippines debuted an entire selection of Frosty coffee, while earlier this month, Canada's White Chocolate Strawberry Frosty left fans lamenting, "The U.S. always misses out on all the really cool releases."

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