Wendy’s Photoshopped Its Logo And Food Into Twitter User Profile Pics And The Results Are Hilarious

Kelly Allen
·2 mins read

From Delish

Wendy's has been working on its Photoshop skills, and what better way to share them with the world than by incorporating its logo and food into people's Twitter profile pics?

"Been working on the ol' photoshop skills," the fast food chain's official Twitter account tweeted. "Hit us up and we'll spice up your profile pic."

The results–although borderline terrifying–did not disappoint. Wendy's edited its food and logo into everything from people's hair, faces, phone cases, masks, eyes, and shirts. Someone with a profile photo of a duck even got an edit job with a bunch of Wendy's food on its beak. The chain also took on some brand requests including making Target's bullseye logo the eyes of the girl on its own logo and giving Chuck E. Cheese red braids.

The Wendy's Twitter account–among other fast food chain accounts like Burger King and Oreo–has been known to share jokes and internet-y memes. While the account isn't editing any more profile pics at the moment, it notes that "you can still get a Spicy 4 for $4."

We can only hope there will be another practice sesh soon for those who didn't get their photos edited with Wendy's magic. If you don't want to sit around and wait, you can always try editing your photo yourself. Maybe if you do a good enough job, Wendy's will hire you. You never know! Good luck!

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