Welsh town rescues cat stuck up tree after three-day operation

George Martin
·2 mins read
The cat was spotted up the tree on Saturday. (SWNS)
A cat was spotted up a tree in Tredegar in Wales on Saturday. (SWNS)

A Welsh town has pulled together to rescue a cat stuck up a tree in a three-day operation involving four storeys of scaffolding.

After initially spotting the feline on Saturday, residents of Tredegar swung into action to try and get it down.

A local scaffolding firm built a makeshift structure to try and coax the cat back to the ground after firefighters were unsuccessful in their efforts on Saturday.

Scaffolding company director Paul Ratledge told BBC Wales: "We had a phone call from the local fire service.

A three-day rescue operation was needed to get it down. (SWNS)
A three-day rescue operation was needed to get it down. (SWNS)

"They'd tried with cherry pickers, they'd had a tree surgeon but they couldn't get it.

"We've been there this morning, taking food to it. We've set up scaffolding boards on angles now so the cat will be able to get down by itself.”

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On Tuesday evening, however, a tree surgeon was able to get the cat into a bag and bring it down, ending the three-day operation.

A posting on Ratledge’s scaffolding company’s Facebook page said: "We are trying our very hardest to rescue this cat.

"No joy in getting the cat down tonight. We left him some water and food and will be back tomorrow."

Workers from a scaffolding company finally managed to coax the cat into a box. (SWNS)
Workers from a scaffolding company tried to coax the cat into a box. (SWNS)

One person commented: "Such a wonderful thing to do. Well done and fingers crossed for a happy ending."

Another added: "Thank you so much for this huge act of kindness."

A third posted: "Real heroes. Thank you so much for what you are doing."